The Masked Magician Unmasked

Was anyone impressed when this happened?  I remember a lot of disappointed kids the next day at school after Valentino revealed he’d been the man behind the mask all along.  Leave your thoughts in the comments. Even if you don’t, I am kind of interested to see who still scours Google (aside from me) for Val Valentino 14 years later. Share the post “The Masked Magician Unmasked” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Rebel L

Hey, I’m supposed to get up at like… oh, I dunno, 9am and shower and proceed working on my macadamia academic assignment thing, but man. It’s just not feeling like bedtime yet. Sure, my eyelids are like 10 pound weights (and in eyelid weight, that’s like benching a small elephant), but I feel like there’s just so much to catch up on. Like uploading some new photos for once, and linking you to because we got to try out a 20mm lens his friend … Continue reading

Spilling Mistake

The Local Rabbits will always be a good springtime band for me. Spring of 2006 in Toronto, Spring of 2009 in St. Catharines. There were some college years in between but we’ll just repress all those memories, excluding of course the influential people I met during that time. A few surprisingly great teachers, a few cool people, a few good friends, one of whom I knew only for just over a year but who touched my life in a lot of ways with our common … Continue reading

Fame went to the painting elephant’s head

When I was a wee little dame of about 16, one of my night-dweller friends (sometimes two) and I would spend summer nights on the back porch, usually at my house, and look up at the navy blue above our heads and watching for lights that twinkled just a little too quickly. We saw some strange things, but I think they may have just been strange by comparison, because no one looks up at the sky when they get older. (Unless they’re unemployed, which I … Continue reading

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