Lest We Forget

To all who have fought, to all who have fallen, to all Canadian soldiers, nurses and doctors of war, and to all affected friends and family — Thank you. We remember. Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Share the post “Lest We Forget” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Cool Site: Waterfalls of Ontario

Twitter finally suggested an account I’d actually like to follow today. @OntWaterfalls Waterfalls of Ontario gives a rated list of (you guessed it) the falls and rapids in this enormous province of ours. And in case you’ve never seen it and happen to be in Northern Quebec, you should visit Grande Chute in (dans) Laniel. That’s my dad in the top left, in case you didn’t notice him. It really is a grande chute. What’s the best waterfall you’ve ever seen? Leave a link in … Continue reading

Ridic, yall. Mother f’n ridic.

Hey Canada.  It’s time to eat shit. Everybody: We couldn’t take a half hour out of the two months advance notice we had before election day to summarize our beliefs in accordance with a party to prepare ourselves to vote? Or maybe Say Yes to the Dress ran another marathon today.  Had I known, that would’ve kept me home the 10 minutes it took me to drive to vote and come home. And might I say, thank you to all the senior citizens who were clearly the … Continue reading

Apples : Oranges

When this whole Vancouver 2010 thing started, it was greeted by polar opposites: Olympic hysteria, and the Olympic hate-on. I’ll be honest. I didn’t care at first. I didn’t understand why some people would buy three (3) toques with the Vancouver 2010 logo on them for $24.99 apiece. (Okay, I still don’t.) I had no plans to join any ‘BOYCOTT TEH OLYMPICS ZOMG!!1’ Facebook groups, but I wasn’t planning on watching any of it. Somewhere down the line, it reeled me in. I think the … Continue reading

Holiday, celebrate…

Canada Day was a big hit! Must bike more often. Much more fun and much less expensive than driving aimlessly. And my legs feel a bit toned. Heavens! So, I keep learning terrible words in Hungarian. The only wholesome ones I think I know are the ones for cat, dog, dad and mom. But even “mom” can be turned into “your mom”. Time to get serious! Seniors will filter into my work tonight and complain that there is no freebie for them if they spend … Continue reading


It’s Gasoline Price Hike Season again, and I will never, ever understand why there are regulations on the sale of just about everything, except for gas, which gets to be whatever price the oil giants want it to be, even though it should really be about 20-25 cents less per litre than we’re paying. I made a surprisingly good Earl Grey tea just now. Although I don’t like the tone in which this article is written, you get the gist. Basically, Governor General Michaelle Jean … Continue reading

Bring on the Blue Sky

If you want to hear a podcast interview of a guy who reminded me a lot of Bob Dylan long before he even started talking about Bob Dylan in this interview, give this a listen. I like Jason Collett as a musician, but trust me: No one who grew up in Bramalea is going to have an accent like that. Anyway, he really is an enjoyable Canadian musician when he’s not talking. Share the post “Bring on the Blue Sky” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading