Better hurry…

What a bargain! When I was 17, my friends and I used to ‘ghost-hunt’. It was a fun way to stay up late, scare the (figurative, in my case) crap out of ourselves, and the stories we ended up with would last each of us a lifetime. And those ghosthunts were all for FREE! So just think what kind of shit you’ll be able to tell those willing to listen to you for the price of two Canada’s Wonderland tickets and an experience involving absolutely … Continue reading

Hat Magic

I have this awesome hat. Originally I called it my ‘immigrant cabby’ hat. Originally, also, it fit my head. I think my hair was really flat that day. I wish someone cool with a slightly smaller head than mine (or with the same sized head but less hair) could use this hat. It’s going to waste. Also… the aforementioned Tim Hortons cup on my desk just moved on my desk. Maybe due to some hard-typing. Maybe due to ghosts. I’ll investigate this further at a … Continue reading


Okay, my room is fucking haunted. While moving some things on my bed (I had been unpacking) just now, I found the missing arm piece of the sunglasses; the very piece which I lost on the bus the other day. Why this doesn’t make sense in terms of reality: When the sunglasses originally fell off, I grabbed them from behind the seat they fell, without looking at them, and got off the bus As soon as the exit door closed, I looked in my hand … Continue reading

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