Fat Canada, We’ll See You Shortly!

Finally, we’re catching up to America.  If you don’t watch the news or listen to the radio but you do read this blog, here is a chart for reference: On a similar topic, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford only weighed in at 33o lbs today, cheeseburger NOT in hand.  Congrats, Mr. Ford! Share the post “Fat Canada, We’ll See You Shortly!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Lessons in Morality

On our daily post-lunch trip to the Tim Hortons drive thru today, I was telling Miki about the time *Alan found $50 on the ground opposite my cash register. It was a relatively slow night, so I knew who had dropped it, in fact I remembered the guy choosing a $20 instead of that $50 to pay for what he bought. “It’s mine!” Alan declared. While my interest was momentarily piqued, morality stupidly kicked in.“It is not yours. What if that guy comes back?”“He doesn’t … Continue reading

Hat Magic

I have this awesome hat. Originally I called it my ‘immigrant cabby’ hat. Originally, also, it fit my head. I think my hair was really flat that day. I wish someone cool with a slightly smaller head than mine (or with the same sized head but less hair) could use this hat. It’s going to waste. Also… the aforementioned Tim Hortons cup on my desk just moved on my desk. Maybe due to some hard-typing. Maybe due to ghosts. I’ll investigate this further at a … Continue reading

I don’t play baby games.

An empty Tim Hortons cup sits on my desk, to the left of my computer and to the Southeast of my phone. This is a cue for me to make a tea. I enjoy a good Earl Grey tea these days. I also enjoy ‘paying back’ my sleep debt. One day Miklos is going to pay back his sleep debt too, but his case will be much more Van Winkle than mine (minus all the tragedy). When he awakes, there will be mugs and mugs … Continue reading

Blinky: The Silent Cleaner

I got Blinky yesterday after resigning myself to the fact that my angelfish probably isn’t going to die any time soon, and as such, he probably isn’t going to start licking the algae he and his surroundings produce off the side of the aquarium. According to the place I bought him, Blinky is a ‘rubber lip’, which sounds kind of mafia-esque. He eats algae, and he does it quite well. Thing is, since I got him, the dirt has dramatically disappeared, which is great, but … Continue reading

Every day is another trip to the mall for me. Closet organizing things, mostly, to make the most of my vertical space. And hooks. Plenty of hooks. I’m pretty sure either my bulletin board or full-length mirror (both??) will fall down in the middle of the night. Oop. Let’s hope those hooks are structurally sound. Living this far from a Tim Hortons leaves much to be desired. Actually… between this site and this one, I’m learning that the longest it could possibly take me to … Continue reading

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