devil tree

For anyone who regularly attends this blog, I just want to say omgsorrysorrysorrysorrysorryIknow because this is one of those “I never post anymore” entries. But! Unlike all those other ones people do, mine has a legit cause! (I’m sure everyone else has perfectly good reasons as well. In fact I’m positive they do.) Over the past few months we have fixed up every possible flaw in our current house, put most of our junk into storage, staged our house, put it up for sale, and … Continue reading

Western Catalpa Tree — June: My Foe Blooms Anew

You may have read about my enemy, our neighbour’s useless Western Catalpa tree. For a description of this tree, read this. Despite a late and frosty spring, the aforementioned flowering season in July seems to have come early this year. Y. A. Y. Sure, they look pretty now, but soon those lovely blossoms will be a squishy mess all over our garden and lawn. “Oh, it can’t be all that bad,” you might say. “Surely, you’re making a mountain of a molehill again, Nikki Comma,” … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I got in a mood. Pregnant ladies call it ‘nesting’, voluntarily (and possibly temporarily) barren women like me refer to it as ‘spring cleaning’. Tomato, tomato. Pretend you read and pronounced both ‘tomato’s differently. (If I were referring to tomatoes plural, not two singular and differently pronounced words, yes I’d have spelled it tomatoes. Individual words, Curtis people!) So I cleaned, is what I’m getting at here. We clean the house every day, because our yard is a mudpit and our dogs love it … Continue reading

Western Catalpa Tree, Thou Art Mine Enemy

First-time home-owners get messed around a lot. It’s due to a naivety we have and a natural trust in the previous home-owners that has not yet been shattered. Of course no one would ever sell a house that sucks! Well, for the most part, regarding the house itself, we lucked out on trusting the previous owner. We haven’t had so many house problems (barring the near-flood and the subsequent destruction of our basement’s brand new carpet), but we’ve had a lot of yard issues. In … Continue reading

Building a Garbage Shed for Less Than $100 Using Scrap Wood

About a month ago, Miklos got sick of the tiny width of our driveway.  He went hog-wild and tore down the fence between our driveway and our neighbour’s house.  He used that for a project and then had a bunch of scrap wood left over. On the same rampage, he took our old metal garbage shed to the scrapyard.  The thing was lousy and made a cringe-worthy metal-on-metal scraping sound when you opened its doors, so no harm done except for one problem: Every windy … Continue reading

Only in Welland

For some reason, today after writing about the country road photo I want to take, I decided to check out the price range of homes on the outskirts of our fair town.  Finding an incredible looking place by the river with tonnes of history and lots of updates, we decided to take a drive by for interest’s sake. Our eyes panned over the outside of this beautiful house.  A large lot, it was a beautiful older style house with a modern yellow door;  a nice-sized … Continue reading