Only in Welland

For some reason, today after writing about the country road photo I want to take, I decided to check out the price range of homes on the outskirts of our fair town.  Finding an incredible looking place by the river with tonnes of history and lots of updates, we decided to take a drive by for interest’s sake. Our eyes panned over the outside of this beautiful house.  A large lot, it was a beautiful older style house with a modern yellow door;  a nice-sized … Continue reading

Welland, you are a cruel and sexy mistress.

“Excuse me, what ethnicity are you?”“…Pardon?”“What ethnicity are you?” “Uh, I have Greek grandparents…” etc. and so forth. This is what I heard in the aisle over from mine before I decided to scope out the weirdo. I strolled casually — if strolling can be done in such a way — to the other end of the store to a row of shelves parallel to where the random was striking up awkward conversation with the pretty girl. I got a good look at him. His … Continue reading

Not a creature was stirring, not even a …

I dedicate this poem to the lowly critter we caught trying to steal hubcaps from a vehicle in the driveway last night. He left at the scene (1) a screwdriver, (2) the hubcap he meant to take with him, (3) a freshly picked tomato from the garden, and (4) a sullied reputation. And Miklos in his kerchief (or the bathroom) and I in my cap (or PJs),We’d just settled down (or were about to) for a long summer’s nap (or sleep);When out of the yard, … Continue reading

Up at 5:30am, drive home from Welland, drive back to Welland upon mother’s request, stress out a while over lack of laundry done, lunch, wedding, Ellie tribute, sleep, market, nap, drive, movie night at my second home, sleep, lunch, work, photo run to Hamilton with Miklos, hometime. I’m forgetting a lot. It’s been a busy weekend (especially that nap part). Listen, I’m going to bed. More tomorrow. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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