Forced Blogging

It’s Sunday, which means it’s the most boring day of the week that we barely appreciate even though the majority of us probably don’t have to work during it.  Here are some complaints I can make about today: My tooth hurts! I have to do laundry The dog doesn’t know how to vacuum properly I’m too lazy to write anything properly I didn’t get to see the end of ELF this morning because we had to go out for lunch with family It’s snowing Here … Continue reading

101 Things You Never Cared to Learn and Why Didn’t I Make This a Numbered List?

I suppose I should write an entry!  How about a list of things about me? I have a horrible sense of smell which is most of the time absent. When I can smell, it is usually dog-related and unpleasant, but I can also smell lavender and sometimes I can smell everything.  Right now, my hand smells like onions, but I haven’t eaten any onions and I definitely showered earlier. I only enjoy parts of George Carlin’s humour.  Most of what I know about him I … Continue reading