Been a while..

Hey, reader! I’ve long neglected this site. I’d have shut it down entirely if it weren’t for the chalazion post and the one about dogs and hyperkeratosis as those are the two main ways readers end up here and they seem to still be relevant, which is always nice. We’ve had some major family losses over the past few years and sadly I don’t think I got to mentioning them as my posts have been regrettably lax. In January 2019, we lost our beautiful fluffy … Continue reading

101 Things You Never Cared to Learn and Why Didn’t I Make This a Numbered List?

I suppose I should write an entry!  How about a list of things about me? I have a horrible sense of smell which is most of the time absent. When I can smell, it is usually dog-related and unpleasant, but I can also smell lavender and sometimes I can smell everything.  Right now, my hand smells like onions, but I haven’t eaten any onions and I definitely showered earlier. I only enjoy parts of George Carlin’s humour.  Most of what I know about him I … Continue reading

Oh Me.

More and more I realize I need people to chide me for motivational purposes.  If only I could get into the habit of taunting myself when I think negatively or when I don’t take 30 minutes a day to exercise, or when I don’t sit down and write something for that matter. In terms of New Year’s Resolutions, I deemed I would be more DEMONSTRATIVE.  So far, so good there, although it’s creating a negative impact in some areas.  When you express yourself, you accept … Continue reading

Vanity Days

I kind of miss taking pictures like this.  Maybe I should crack out the ol’ Canon again (speaking of things I never thought I’d do anymore).  Also, this is bad news, but I went through a bunch of my old pictures and realized the funkiness of shorter hair suits me so much better than my crazy long hair of this era.  Shorter funkier hair could look good at a wedding, right?  I’ve always thought it was stupid to grow hair out for a wedding because … Continue reading

My New Goal

It’s weird thinking that when I wrote that last blog, it was May. An entire summer has shot by us, and Jack Layton, who led the NDP to win more seats than ever before in Canadian federal elections has passed away.  Boy, was I angry (about Harper, I mean).  Truly, nothing ever changes in Canadian politics. We just expect and accept the stupid.  It is very sad about Layton, however.  I don’t endorse any particular political party normally, but the guy himself had a heart … Continue reading

Hopefully I live. But who knows!

I didn’t get a tetanus shot and I still feel like my leg (the part that doesn’t have the cut on it) has a giant bruise, and my arm too, and for the past hour all I can smell is copper. So if I hemorrhage and die in the next couple of hours, it’s because I really wanted to move my bed to the other side of the room a couple days ago. Share the post “Hopefully I live. But who knows!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


What a monumental day in the history of the world. And I mean that. I really hope this administration does a lot of good for America and the rest of us. My teeth remind me of white, oversized corn niblets. Sushi is good, but it is very filling. Happy birthday, Papa. As always, we miss you. Share the post “Fuckdamn!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


Whenever people meet me, and subsequently meet my blog, they try blogging. It’s this thing they do. And no one ever has the staying power. And lately, I, too, am losing my lustre. When life gets happy, the stories, they get boring. But worry not, kids. I’ll be back in school in just two short months, and as such, I’ll be as miserable and tormented as ever before! There are people who blog about 80x a week, out there. Why do people want to read … Continue reading

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