Something’s Peculiar Here

Wait just a minute.  This doesn’t look the same at all! I must have been a terribly indecent person in a past life because 1) I work with the public and 2) my fiance is listening to Coldplay at a volume louder than a whisper.  It seems to me there is something I should be doing tonight (choosing paint colours, painting a door, carving our pumpkins) but I don’t think I’ll muster up the motivation to get any of that done this night.  Especially not … Continue reading

…and I did it all through sheer avoidance!

I never want to be a leader. Especially not after (almost finishing) writing the most redundant paper I’ve written in a long while. End my life! Cell phone-MSN sucks. My alter ego is Turkey Sub. Kristin’s is Chunky Soup. We get along all right. We need someone to be 2% Milk. I’m sick of having the physical insides of a 55 year old man. (I don’t even think 55 year old women get the same kind of stomach problems and heartburn as I do.) I … Continue reading

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