I’ve been so quiet

Sorry to have disappeared lately. Between running my shop and running our lives and taking care to make sure our dog eats (he has chronic pancreatitis) and whatever other things pop up and getting little sleep (life in your 30s, basically), it’s been near impossible to take a moment here and there to write! My plan is to make a big ol’ bloggy comeback in the New Year after my shop settles back down after the Christmas rush. Anyway, nothing much to report. Just wanted to say hi, reassure … Continue reading

Sorry! I’m tired!

Apparently growing a person inside you can wipe your energy out almost completely. Maybe it’s not this way for everyone, but Growing Boy has sapped out all my mental and physical stamina the past couple of weeks. I have been working on projects for this blog, but I am thus far unsatisfied with most of my results and am reworking them.  I guess this feeling often comes with doing things on a whim and not using patterns or tutorials — using your imagination, if you … Continue reading

Sew Interesting

Yep, I’m hoping to move right along into the year 1818 and grab me up a sewing machine next weekend. Why? Have you heard of maternity clothes? They’re hundreds of dollars if I want to wear more than a couple of outfits for the next 6 months. Have you heard of my closet? It’s full of jeans and tanks I don’t wear anymore due to maternity fatness and general lack of interest. Yes, I figure with a little effort, I can put together some good … Continue reading

July’s Done, Nobody’s Impressed

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. [Side note: There is an undeniable correlation between how old a person is and how often they say that.] Lessons learned so far this summer: Whenever I want to water the lawn, I remember it’s supposed to rain that night. It usually does not end up raining, but I’ve saved us some money. Bird feeders attract much more than just birds. People still love old lenses for SLR cameras from the ’70s. We need to … Continue reading

Fresh Stereotypes

Things I see often enough to mention here tonight: Old people puttering into malls, stopping and standing in place, looking all around (above inclusive) in wonder/horror at where they are, occasionally asking a passerby a question, then after that person leaves, cautiously wandering further into the mall as if into a haunted forest Cool-looking Asian kids running for buses Women 90% of the time being far messier than men (imagine!) Women 75% of the time being ruder than men People in general walking in the … Continue reading

The Problem of Being an Artist… or a Kid Trapped in a Woman’s Body. Like Michael Jackson, but a chick and none of that weird stuff. So, not like Michael Jackson I guess.

So I met some people who looked young and somewhat cool, but who also acted very professional today.  I started to wonder when I would ever grow up. It’s something that is supposed to happen, I think, but do I want it to? I scoured Google on the subject of never growing up and found this was relevant while also funny. I mean… I’ve been paying my bills on time for nearly a decade (ok let’s say I started 7 years ago because I feel … Continue reading

Wok With Yan

I thought I came home from work to be away from Valley Girl gum-chompers, but apparently they mistakenly call at quarter after 11 at night and can’t hear a thing I’m saying because they keep saying, “[Like,] hello? Hello?!”  Dude, I get that it’s Friday. I get that you are in a bar probably, and I even get that you are probably a piece of poo kind of person, but Mama Bear is getting on in years and needs peace and quiet while she blogs … Continue reading

Oh Me.

More and more I realize I need people to chide me for motivational purposes.  If only I could get into the habit of taunting myself when I think negatively or when I don’t take 30 minutes a day to exercise, or when I don’t sit down and write something for that matter. In terms of New Year’s Resolutions, I deemed I would be more DEMONSTRATIVE.  So far, so good there, although it’s creating a negative impact in some areas.  When you express yourself, you accept … Continue reading