Been a while..

Hey, reader! I’ve long neglected this site. I’d have shut it down entirely if it weren’t for the chalazion post and the one about dogs and hyperkeratosis as those are the two main ways readers end up here and they seem to still be relevant, which is always nice. We’ve had some major family losses over the past few years and sadly I don’t think I got to mentioning them as my posts have been regrettably lax. In January 2019, we lost our beautiful fluffy … Continue reading

Sew Interesting

Yep, I’m hoping to move right along into the year 1818 and grab me up a sewing machine next weekend. Why? Have you heard of maternity clothes? They’re hundreds of dollars if I want to wear more than a couple of outfits for the next 6 months. Have you heard of my closet? It’s full of jeans and tanks I don’t wear anymore due to maternity fatness and general lack of interest. Yes, I figure with a little effort, I can put together some good … Continue reading

July’s Done, Nobody’s Impressed

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. [Side note: There is an undeniable correlation between how old a person is and how often they say that.] Lessons learned so far this summer: Whenever I want to water the lawn, I remember it’s supposed to rain that night. It usually does not end up raining, but I’ve saved us some money. Bird feeders attract much more than just birds. People still love old lenses for SLR cameras from the ’70s. We need to … Continue reading

Oh Me.

More and more I realize I need people to chide me for motivational purposes.  If only I could get into the habit of taunting myself when I think negatively or when I don’t take 30 minutes a day to exercise, or when I don’t sit down and write something for that matter. In terms of New Year’s Resolutions, I deemed I would be more DEMONSTRATIVE.  So far, so good there, although it’s creating a negative impact in some areas.  When you express yourself, you accept … Continue reading

Morning Laundry

Ungodly – Adverb describing the hour or more before daybreak where you are awake because your house is a raging inferno of heat (or you wore too many layers of clothing to bed – more likely).  Oh, North American dilemmas.  Dilemmae?  Whathaveyou. Aside: Sometimes I feel like this site should be called Bracketose, but then there’d go the element of wordplay. Anyway I am up and that’s just great.  (Interpret as desired.)  The sun is starting to crack through the sky into this part of … Continue reading

Warm Heart of Winter

This has to be the greatest January for weather in all my life (and maybe yours – I don’t know you).  Of seven (7) days, just one (1) has reached -21°C with the windchill, and only days later it’s as mild as last May would’ve been if it didn’t rain so much that I never went outside to check the temperature, except to let the dog out, but who even checks the temperature when they’re dealing with a mud-soaked defiant animal?  If Canada could go … Continue reading

Something’s Peculiar Here

Wait just a minute.  This doesn’t look the same at all! I must have been a terribly indecent person in a past life because 1) I work with the public and 2) my fiance is listening to Coldplay at a volume louder than a whisper.  It seems to me there is something I should be doing tonight (choosing paint colours, painting a door, carving our pumpkins) but I don’t think I’ll muster up the motivation to get any of that done this night.  Especially not … Continue reading

Pipe Dreams of Coming Clean

There is an overwhelming sense of weird in the air lately. Trying to pinpoint its origins leaves the observer of weird at a loss. It’s just one of those weird seasons, and for once, it’s during springtime. This is new. It’s not helping that I have a Slash song in my head. That guy really loves his nasally-vocalled frontmen. It’s really not bad. Just nasally. The boy fell asleep early because I think he drank a beer tonight. Those things pack a wallop. Share the … Continue reading

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