Those Crazy Samoans, Always a Step Ahead!

The people of Samoa skipped Friday this week AND got paid for it.  I don’t mean that they skipped work, I mean that they actually fell asleep Thursday and woke up Saturday, and not due to influenza.   There was no Friday!  Because they do more business with Australia and New Zealand than the US, they decided to ‘move’ to the other side of the international date line in order to have two more full business days for their larger client base.  Business savvy!  And … Continue reading

Bring on Novembrrr… 3 Rs.

It’s almost the end of another year.  The next two months will be sheer hell by the usual standards, but I’m willing to try and make the best of it. (PLZLETMEGETABETTERJOBBYNEXTCHRISTMASSEASON.) Two months seems like a long time, but it’s not.  I remember the end of August like it was yesterday.  Casey got spayed and then she peed and barfed all the live-long night.  See?  Easy recollection.  Two months from now is almost here. Before New Year’s Eve, however, there are four (4) birthdays in … Continue reading

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