The Ways You Procrastinate are How You Should Be Making Your Living

A month ago, I quit my awful job. I am not exaggerating to say it saved my sanity. I’ve also come to realize it’s revived my creativity not to be part of a soul-sucking brain-drain. I’ve been painting more, taking more pictures for fun, blogging more. BLOGGING MORE. It’s great. I’ve remembered who I am at long last, and I have the support of Miklos to thank for that, because without him, I doubt I’d have a food in my body right now. Over the … Continue reading

Dreaming in Pictures

Apparently starting a business involves ALL YOUR TIME.  I like it.  It makes me feel creative again.  It also makes me thankful (for the first time) for my business education.  Who knew that’d work out somehow?  My student loan at work.  Here’s the site, finished by Mr Miklos: Every Light Photography.  I’m working on building the portfolio with more and more portraits.  Give me time, people! It’s garbage day, so of course it’s windy and garbage cans are blowing all over the street as soon … Continue reading

Oh my god oh my god oh my god… where did you get that brownie?!

Well, it’s time.  Time for me to stop being frustrated in the old way and start being frustrated in a new and wonderful way! A way where I take the reins and give myself shit for being lazy, instead of letting other people do it.  Also to let go of the negativity that has surrounded for oh, let’s say an estimated three (3) years. We got some super cool new studio lights today.  A website/portfolio will follow this week.  I am so excited you have … Continue reading


I’m in one of those mid-life crisis in your twenties things. Maybe that means I’m dying at 56. We’ll see how it goes. There’s a point in one’s life where self-respect becomes a crucial element and I’ve hit it.  It’s so important to me right now that I’m leaping into an abyss and I don’t know where I’ll come out.  I want to write but there’s never enough Time if I must pay bills as well.  That’s never a good excuse.  You should always make … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Guilt Trips

Ah, the days when people didn’t have mobile phones.  What were those like again?  I managed to escape the first five years or so of cellular popularity on the instinct that submission was a bad move, and indeed I was right.  We are so connected now that I get to hear about things I do not care about even on the go. Landlines are nearly (relatively*, for younger people) obsolete.  That in and of itself should mean we’re halfway back to the primitive, but it’s … Continue reading


I am the kind of person who calls her work and then hangs up just to find out who’s there.  Well, today.  Our schedules this December have been, to put it mildly, straight-up trippin’ y’all! And to put it normally, “a little all over the place”, so I called this morning in fear that I was actually supposed to already be there.  When I called, it wasn’t (a) me, or (b) no one who answered, but rather (c) someone else.  What a relief.  I could … Continue reading

Bring on Novembrrr… 3 Rs.

It’s almost the end of another year.  The next two months will be sheer hell by the usual standards, but I’m willing to try and make the best of it. (PLZLETMEGETABETTERJOBBYNEXTCHRISTMASSEASON.) Two months seems like a long time, but it’s not.  I remember the end of August like it was yesterday.  Casey got spayed and then she peed and barfed all the live-long night.  See?  Easy recollection.  Two months from now is almost here. Before New Year’s Eve, however, there are four (4) birthdays in … Continue reading

I strongly advise you listen to Modern Guilt by Beck if you haven’t lately. Especially while driving and not texting. Ambition and motivation. As someone living on this particular place in the world, I have the privilege of having just about everything I need and still being too lazy to go out and claim it. Domesticated life is wonderful but is easy to slump into and settle. What about dreams and goals? Where did those go? I like to blame my college experience on destroying … Continue reading

Are you there, Dan? It’s me, Nikki.

More and more I realize, I am a professional thief-babysitter.  My job is to watch people try and steal and to stare them down and not directly state that they are stealing because that would be accusing them of what they are doing and for some reason that’s a faux-pas in the retail biz. [GETMETHEHELLOUT] Despite this, it turns out I’m gradually becoming an adult after all. Miklos and I are buying a house and adopting a child from Zimbabwe.  Or so this junk mail … Continue reading