A man vomiting is the single most awful thing a woman can be subject to hearing, as I learned last night.  Miklos is suffering from Man Flu. Based on symptoms given, a woman would diagnose the same ailment in herself as acid reflux.  In fact, the same pizza I ate last night had the dramatic effects of heartburn which I know and am thereby bored of so easily. At any rate, hopefully that’s all it was.  Pepto seemed to soften the cries of the dying … Continue reading

Happy 2012, Hopefully Without Doomsday and All

It’s the first day of the year and I’m trying to stay positive. We had a nice and very low-key New Year’s Eve celebration at home.  I’m always glad when an old year is over.  I’ve been really lucky.  Nothing terribly bad has ever come along and destroyed an entire 12 months for me.  Well, maybe once or twice, but mostly I’ve been very fortunate. What I’m disappointed in however is my tendency to stay mostly healthy for just about 364 days a year and … Continue reading

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