Happy 2012, Hopefully Without Doomsday and All

It’s the first day of the year and I’m trying to stay positive. We had a nice and very low-key New Year’s Eve celebration at home. ¬†I’m always glad when an old year is over. ¬†I’ve been really lucky. ¬†Nothing terribly bad has ever come along and destroyed an entire 12 months for me. ¬†Well, maybe once or twice, but mostly I’ve been very fortunate. What I’m disappointed in however is my tendency to stay mostly healthy for just about 364 days a year and ‚Ķ Continue reading

Jesus, not a New Years Resolution Blog Already

The word of the day is: DEMONSTRATIVE. ¬†Actually, just ‘demonstrative’. ¬†People should never use all-caps for emphasis unless they are really angry and writing hard onto an actual piece of paper and then doing what I do which is to scribble in angry circles all over the all-cap after I’ve written it real big, then throwing it in the fire and giggling. What it means, according to some dictionary anyway, is: de¬∑mon¬∑stra¬∑tive¬†¬†(d-mnstr-tv) adj. 1.¬†Serving to manifest or prove. 2.¬†Involving or characterized by demonstration. 3.¬†Given to ‚Ķ Continue reading

Happy 2010

New Years resolution: Post one (1) photo per day, each day, for the next 365 days. This is already incredibly annoying, but maybe some good will come of it! Where you can see them: Every Light in the House (thank you, Miki!) Flickr Share the post “Happy 2010” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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