There’s no day like a snow day

Due to “treacherous” driving conditions today, I decided to stay home. One of two of my classes was cancelled because the prof didn’t want us to die on our way in, so I figured that was enough. I mean, added to the fact that I didn’t really feel like going in the first place. Ah, sweet apathy. The day off was even more a blessing because it means 1) my first day of school isn’t until the Thursday of the first week back, and 2) … Continue reading


There is about this much snow out there right now: (Minus the ice on the trees. There is no ice.) And classes are cancelled.I’m not complaining, but I’m just saying. Really, Niagara College? Same with Brock. Really?? That’s okay. This’ll make 3 weeks in a row that I haven’t had my Organizational Behaviour class, at all. Except for that one time when the substitute came in and gave us the same lecture our prof gave us the first week. Right. Share the post “Really?” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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