Labour Relations is among the most boring things I’ve ever studied, and I haven’t even opened the textbook yet. It’s going to be a long summer. One week and two days til I’m heading North. Share the post “Ew.” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Ooo, now e’s breakin’ ‘n ent’rin’ as well!! Fascist!

Returned all the clothes I bought last week, save for the two I was unsure of at first, which ended up being my favourites. Bought little black dress to replace them, as well as pashmina and necklace. Did laundry. Got rained on in St. Catharines, as per the daily agenda. I’m not doing my hair anymore, and I’m barely attempting makeup. F that. It’s summer. This is supposed to be my vacation. Speaking of, I think I’m giving up on the whole co-op idea soon. … Continue reading


Staying up late every night for no good reason.Watching gory movies alone and thinking the clothes hanging on the door are people in a foggy wake-up haze.Wanting a bonfire with nowhere to have it.Needing a car and not being able to afford the gas.Learning new tricks and taking pictures all over the place. (Go look now!)Saturday night impromptu drinks and vulture men.Gusty wind and subzero temperatures 24 hours after sweating all the way to work.Feist on the Windows Media Player. (I’d rather say on the … Continue reading

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