Summer 2015’s Top 5 Posts!

Well then, it’s a crispy night. Could August’s heat be winding down? Seems like a good time to kick back in some sweats and read. If you’re new to the site, or if you’re just really bored and came here to hang out, why not sift through my most popular posts this summer? I’ve gone ahead and collected them for you below! DIY: How to make wide-leg jeans into SKINNY JEANS 2. DIY: From ugly old dresser to pretty vintage bench 3. DIY: Bra band extender 4. How to … Continue reading

DIY: How to make 3 comfy nursing bras for under $15!

here are all three DIY nursing bras

This is where my blog becomes uncomfortable for the few men who still read it. This should scare them off good. My phone app tells me Newborn Boy is on the way within 21 days or so (really??), and with a newborn boy comes the need for baby-related things. One of those things for moms who plan to breastfeed is a nursing bra. Ever look for these in a store? One that is comfortable is going to run you around $20, one that fits well … Continue reading

DIY Bra band extender — great for pregnancy!

DIY bra extender - great for pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a journey unlike any other. Things grow, stretch and otherwise evolve for a bunch of months in many previously unknown ways. Despite buying new bras to accommodate my … bounty (ha ha), I’ve noticed that about halfway through my day, I am suffocating. The cups are great, no problem there. My band, however, goes from a pretty decent size in the morning to ribcage-strangulation-sized in the afternoon-to-evening. And so I came up with this cost-effective alternative to buying several sizes of bra:   … Continue reading

DIY: Upcycle regular jeans into skinny jeans!

Upcycle old jeans into skinny jeans

If you have access to a sewing machine, you can turn some spent old jeans into skinnies. I mean, it’ll probably turn out better if you have some sewing experience, but given that I did this as one of my second or third sewing experiments ever, I’m proof positive that it can be done. Background: I don’t mind jeans with a wider leg, but in the dead of winter, I love to wear my boots. Wider jeans + boots just don’t work together very well. … Continue reading

ONE. OF. US! — On My Transition to Wearing Leggings

Those who know me know a few things. One you might not know as a reader is that I am not very girly. I know, I know. Hard to believe. However, being full of a baby does interesting things to the tightly-held perspectives you’ve had for so long. For one, it made me like the idea of having kids one day — something I had never even considered realistically, if I’m being honest, but now am really excited for. Secondly, I love telling people stories … Continue reading

DIY: How to Freshen Up Old Jeans for CHEAP Using Fabric Dye

We all love our jeans (uhh, except for us pregnant ladies who haven’t yet attempted to DIY them into maternity jeans), but what happens when good jeans go bad? Normally, I’d donate them. This year, however, I’ve gotten really big into recycling, upcycling and refreshing just about everything. So when some of my jeans faded to ugly colours, I decided to look into ways to refresh them. I found this great tutorial. Too bad I didn’t really read it again a few days later when … Continue reading

Rip Taylor

I just had a terrifying experience. I was putting my pants back on after taking a midday shower, when I began to notice they were really, really tight. Suddenly, and to my horror, from the pants I was struggling to pull on, there rang out a loud ripping noise causing me to gasp in fear. Panicking, I inspected the jeans back-and-front to diagnose how repairable the hole would be. Turned out though, fortunately, that I had simply removed my pants without unzipping them, and the … Continue reading

They call me Flipper…

I also love the t-shirt I have put on today. I like to call it “Woodland Creatures”. It’s like a ‘modern’ version of all those Northern Getaway shirts people used to wear. It’s the third t-shirt I’ve bought from H&M’s Organic Cotton line. I don’t know how ‘organic’ it all actually is, but here‘s a rundown. All I know is it’s extra soft and more breathable than regular tees. Anyway, enough product placement. Back to the million-page assignment. Share the post “They call me Flipper…” … Continue reading

Midnight Vulture

Why am I writing at 1:19am? I felt it necessary to publicly declare my love for this t-shirt I bought yesterday. The jeans are really good too. I just revised the second sentence for ‘wordiness’ purposes. You can tell I’ve had the grammar-check on while writing this report, as it’s becoming inherent that I fix, fix, fix. Although three “fix”es in a sentence is ‘wordy’ in and of itself. Little known fact: I wouldn’t mind if I died while listening to “Hook” by Blues Traveler. … Continue reading

Ooo, now e’s breakin’ ‘n ent’rin’ as well!! Fascist!

Returned all the clothes I bought last week, save for the two I was unsure of at first, which ended up being my favourites. Bought little black dress to replace them, as well as pashmina and necklace. Did laundry. Got rained on in St. Catharines, as per the daily agenda. I’m not doing my hair anymore, and I’m barely attempting makeup. F that. It’s summer. This is supposed to be my vacation. Speaking of, I think I’m giving up on the whole co-op idea soon. … Continue reading