Quickly stop pain from bee stings & bug bites

Hi again, everyone! I hope that you and those close to you (physically or not) have been healthy and safe these past months. I’m not posting here much these days but I thought this was a pretty helpful tip and I wanted to share it as it’s just about that time of year again. Our part of the province moved into Stage 3 of reopening this past Friday, which allows children to play on playgrounds once again. Our son was sort of hesitant to play … Continue reading

DIY: Upcycle your old t-shirt into a kid’s raglan!

Sew a kid's raglan with this free pattern!

Here’s a free, fun project for you and your sewing machine/serger! But first: Are you having a great summer? I hope so. I love this time of year for so many reasons — walking on the beach with your feet in the warm sand, hiking, gardening — and not needing to bundle up to enjoy the outdoors! (That last one’s really all I need.) Another great part about August is it’s peach season in Southern Ontario! Peaches are probably the fruit I look most forward … Continue reading

DIY: Make a rug into a cute beach tote!

Upcycle a small IKEA rug (or any rug!) into a cute beach bag!

Hey there! I hope you’re doing well. Here’s that beach tote DIY I promised you. This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission from products purchased, and that helps keep my blog alive.  The admittedly mild winter and chillier than usual spring had me dreaming of summer early on this year. That’s why, I assume, when we went to our local IKEA during one of winter’s last blasts, I saw an unlikely item and thought “Hey, that’d make a cute beach bag!” And … Continue reading

Make a sturdy beach bag for cheap!

Make a small IKEA rug into a beach bag

Hi again. Not sure about where you are but here in Niagara, it’s been hot! I know that because my makeup is sliding off my face and our young son is a grump without a popsicle in hand. This week may have been the first time we’ve gone to the beach together and done more than dip our feet in the water. The kid really enjoyed ‘swimming’ (AKA lying on his tummy and splashing like mad) and I got to cool off too. Win! AND … Continue reading

July’s Done, Nobody’s Impressed

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. [Side note: There is an undeniable correlation between how old a person is and how often they say that.] Lessons learned so far this summer: Whenever I want to water the lawn, I remember it’s supposed to rain that night. It usually does not end up raining, but I’ve saved us some money. Bird feeders attract much more than just birds. People still love old lenses for SLR cameras from the ’70s. We need to … Continue reading

I Love It

It must be summer in March because I am the whiniest person ever to be stuck indoors at a job this week.  Spoiled with two barbecues over the weekend, I now want all my meals cooked over a flame and served outside.  Today I had to eat processed crap from the food court (normally not up my alley, but fine nonetheless).  So disappointing. This is the year we are spoiled, people.  Let’s slather on the sunscreen in March for once, while it lasts.  Tomorrow I … Continue reading

Yes, There are Mosquitoes Out in March

I already have the itches.  We first spotted mosquitoes at my parents’ house in their back yard on Thursday night, March 15.  This marks probably the earliest I can recall in a year for these pests but it really isn’t surprising after a winter mild as it was.  Either this will be a remarkably long summer or we’ll be seeing snow in August, and if that’s the case I am out of here, Canada.  I can handle a few mosquitoes though, if it’s the situation … Continue reading


Valentine’s Day is coming up after all.  Valentine’s Day is Casey’s birthday, so the most fun part of it (besides going to work for the evening and making meager wages) is that we make a treat for her.  We’re thinking wet+dry food with a small “1” cut out of cheese.  She loves cheese.  She’ll be so impressed before she devours and forgets about it for another year. I dug through the past 3 years on Flickr and realized they have flown by wonderfully, and colourfully! … Continue reading

I am covered in bites and one sting. I am slower than a zombie today. Withdrawals from both Vitamin D and homemade coffee are the culprit. Being on the island was fun fun fun!, then we remembered we live and work in Welland. C’est la shitty vie, that’s what Quebec taught me. I still like little old Welland, but it’s nothing compared to a place where both my jobs are 550km away. My two-and-a-half year old niece may or may not have seen ghosts this … Continue reading

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