(You had to be there) AKA (For my own memory’s sake)

Hidden and periodically updated notes; I did a similar “Note to Self” type memo when I was 8; I found it when I was around 15 and laughed at how ghey I was. “It smells like a pencil…” “What kind of tree is that?” “A weed maple.” “Hey, Larry David! Can you sign my arm?” *Randy signs arm ‘RANDY’, shrugs and walks away* Better get to bed. Work in the morning again. Ugh. Life. Share the post “(You had to be there) AKA (For my … Continue reading

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

John Smith and his dad are working on building a [hopefully safe] pit in the garage so that his dad can fix cars with greater ease. I’m hoping in the process of chipping away concrete and digging today they manage to find an antique grand piano or maybe a nugget of gold so that we can pay our way through life. Even a box of money would be pretty cool. I’m not picky. Yesterday was all about sweating buckets and seeking out fonts and reducing … Continue reading


Last night we (forgot our cameras, ugh!) and drove head-on into the enormous storm that hit Niagara. The humidex during the day had been around 41 as predicted, and whatever collided with that muggy air did not impress it. At first, it was a brilliant light show over Lake Ontario. Next thing we knew, that lightning, thunder, and now pools of rain were right on top of us as we parked in Niagara-on-the-Lake to watch it. I don’t think I’ve been in all truth scared … Continue reading

Children of the I Has a Corm

I’ve been killing time reading Blind Gossip items. Debating whether or not to dye my hair and cut the bangs. I think that’ll all wait til autumn. August sucks, except that it seems to actually be June. It’s muggier than my kitchen cupboards out there. Where the hell can I buy pumpkin spice?! I need a smoothie. Share the post “Children of the I Has a Corm” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

Oh my god the funny. Hopefully the funny stays, because I need some motivation to get the ball rolling. July has been my favourite month since I can remember. August is nice but kind of depressing, and this September won’t even have the freshness of a new school year to it. Anyway, July is good. More on this later. Share the post “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Summer Boredom

After tossing and turning the night away, I spent a very lowly day at home. It began with a long ‘nap’ to make up for the night, then proceeded into an afternoon full of not feeling quite right and a Vanity Fair article about Johnny Depp. And that brought me to realize: It’s been a long time since I read anything actually decent from magazine writers. But that article, wow. Well-written! Almost inspired me to go into journalism, except that I’d have to attend Niagara … Continue reading

Whaat? Noo.

What’s that? It’s a beautiful day?? No need to look at the schedule then, I must be working! Apparently it’s going to be thundershowers tonight. Yesterday’s storm was frightening in its brevity. I don’t like when people overuse serious terms like ‘torrential downpour’, but it really was Niagara’s version of such a thing. For example, my tires were actually underwater up to the hubcaps as the car parked on the street, which was ridiculously flooded. Powerlines kept touching, making that cool electronic machine noise you … Continue reading

Burning bridges and it feels so good…

Miklos agrees with me that there’s something definitely askew with that part of the highway in the rain where I almost went out of control today. Which is good because it means that I can still know him. Also good: Cranberry juice. And those square wafer cookies that are covered in a layer of chocolate. Man, that’s good. Apparently we had them at the island all weekend and I was none the wiser. Next time, Island. Fool me once, shame on you. What’s with summer … Continue reading

Up at 5:30am, drive home from Welland, drive back to Welland upon mother’s request, stress out a while over lack of laundry done, lunch, wedding, Ellie tribute, sleep, market, nap, drive, movie night at my second home, sleep, lunch, work, photo run to Hamilton with Miklos, hometime. I’m forgetting a lot. It’s been a busy weekend (especially that nap part). Listen, I’m going to bed. More tomorrow. Share the post “” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Fame went to the painting elephant’s head

When I was a wee little dame of about 16, one of my night-dweller friends (sometimes two) and I would spend summer nights on the back porch, usually at my house, and look up at the navy blue above our heads and watching for lights that twinkled just a little too quickly. We saw some strange things, but I think they may have just been strange by comparison, because no one looks up at the sky when they get older. (Unless they’re unemployed, which I … Continue reading

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