So. I’m doing a review for a test I have tomorrow and I’ve hit a roadblock. Oh, ok, I found it now. This might as well have been Twittered, for all anyone will care. Hey, I took a bunch of pictures this weekend, many of which I haven’t uploaded yet… but also, many of which I have. Go look if you’re bored (be sure to click page 2 as well). [Aside: When Flickr people add me who have displayed photos they took of the corpse … Continue reading

Hi, Life.

There’s a dull scent of smoke on a sweater I don’t wear very often. I’m not sure, but this and/or the weather could be why I feel a touch miserable today. I sure could go for an evening of sleeping in the fetal position. Instead, work!! 😀 Now. I like rain, in the summer. Does anyone here like rain, wind, cold, and misery in the winter?? Share the post “Hi, Life.” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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