2013 — The Year I Forgot About Flickr

Let’s summarize 2013 in one word: Hectic. For those of you who don’t have a year available to read this post but who have some opinion on Flickr, just skip to the last bolded sub-header. The rest of you, I apologize, for this is more of a journal entry than an entertaining post. Surprisingly, one of the shortest non-introductory blocks of text involves the most stressful aspects of the past year. Between unexpectedly taking on a (very energetic) new puppy, planning a wedding comprised mostly … Continue reading

Flickr Pro Free for 3 Months

As somewhat of a photo nerd, I was so excited yesterday when I logged in to see that Flickr was giving away 3 months of Pro for free.  What a merry Christmas after all! I love Flickr. If you’ve never tried it and you love photography, now’s the time. This offer is extended to members old and new. I also had no idea you could post each photo to up to 60 groups, but I don’t think I’ve ever put any of mine in more … Continue reading

So. I’m doing a review for a test I have tomorrow and I’ve hit a roadblock. Oh, ok, I found it now. This might as well have been Twittered, for all anyone will care. Hey, I took a bunch of pictures this weekend, many of which I haven’t uploaded yet… but also, many of which I have. Go look if you’re bored (be sure to click page 2 as well). [Aside: When Flickr people add me who have displayed photos they took of the corpse … Continue reading

Taking a break from the 3 projects I have on the go to say…

Hey, look! I’m famous on a website that no one knows of yet! A month ago, I received an email telling me I’d been shortlisted, and today my photo (which I never submitted, but which was found on my Flickr) was picked to represent Niagara Falls. Weird! I got some amazing photos this weekend, including some amazing pictures of some deer about a kilometer from the highway I was on. My zoom is amazing!!! I’ll upload them one day when I get some time again. … Continue reading