Summer Boredom

After tossing and turning the night away, I spent a very lowly day at home. It began with a long ‘nap’ to make up for the night, then proceeded into an afternoon full of not feeling quite right and a Vanity Fair article about Johnny Depp. And that brought me to realize: It’s been a long time since I read anything actually decent from magazine writers. But that article, wow. Well-written! Almost inspired me to go into journalism, except that I’d have to attend Niagara … Continue reading

School only feels like it’s out when you’re 8 and it’s summertime.

It feels good to be back to the ‘writer’ roots. When your proposed backup plan (in my case, Business Admin) kind of takes over your life for three years, it’s easy to lose sight of what you really wanted. I love you, writing. I always have. Come back to me. Writers need readers. Readers need eyes. What novel insight. No pun intended. All I know is, school’s done, this report I’m writing is almost finished, which means school will really be done, and my knees … Continue reading


I’ve always been a diary kind of person. There’s a whole box of them somewhere, dating back to when I was eight and I had crushes on dirty little boys who killed frogs and ate boogers. Here’s a tip that I’m about to follow:Burn your diaries after they’re finished. No one needs to read that shit. Share the post “Secrets” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Substance? On this blog? Surely there’s been a grievous error on my part.

When I heard the Juno soundtrack described as “really… weird music” by not one, not two, but probably around five people, I had it in my head that some of these “weird” bands were probably ones I like or have liked in the past. When the Moldy Peaches were mentioned, that thought was confirmed. Being that I could probably use the $11.99 more than Rhino Records, I opted to … borrow the digital format from the internet. My opinion: Pretty darn adorable. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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