The Past, Never Was

got it.

It will be so nice.

In fact, it is so nice. I have a smart boyfriend, a couple of really good friends (another of whom is moving away), a barrage of people to socialize with and never really commit to, coffee can be mixed with hot chocolate and milk, and money isn’t so tight. All I need’s a new job and to pretend the negative aspects of school (i.e., one bothersome girl) never happened. Then read a Discover magazine and possibly some fiction; maybe take some pictures. I do wish the new place was west-facing. But it’s not the end of the world.

About Nikki

I've been writing since I was in kindergarten where I Crayola-markered an epic tale of a tiger and a balloon on a stack of lined papers folded into a booklet and stapled along the edge (carefully, and by my teacher). I love DIY, sewing, folksy music, animals and getting out to look at and listen to nature.
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