Interactive Map of Toronto’s Fallen Soldiers (Source: Global News)

I am beyond impressed with this map provided by Global News. An incredible 2870 names of fallen soldiers from the First World War geocoded and analyzed, plotted onto this map of Toronto according to their next of kin’s address, along with their age, date of death, occupation and rank.  If you’re especially familiar with the area, this might be of extra interest to you.  I lived next to the residence of a fallen gunner named Edward Trevor Lynge. He died September 7, 1918.  Gives “close … Continue reading

The Past, Never Was

It will be so nice. In fact, it is so nice. I have a smart boyfriend, a couple of really good friends (another of whom is moving away), a barrage of people to socialize with and never really commit to, coffee can be mixed with hot chocolate and milk, and money isn’t so tight. All I need’s a new job and to pretend the negative aspects of school (i.e., one bothersome girl) never happened. Then read a Discover magazine and possibly some fiction; maybe take … Continue reading

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