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Car battery died today before I left for school, so I took the bus instead, despite the fact that it would mean disrupting the class when I walked in 15 minutes after it started. Better late than never, I thought to myself. (See also, in Nikki’s strikeout mantras: You have to spend money to make money!, and Think positive!, and You can’t make your candle brighter by blowing out someone else’s flame.)

So I hop on Pop the bus and things are going good. I develop an affinity for an Emily Haines song I haven’t heard in a while because I am finally listening to my mp3 player and not the car radio for once, and the bus, packed with people both sitting and standing, progresses up the highway toward the school. Of course, half way up the skyway, we get stuck behind a big truck driving slowly, so I think, my view obscured by standing bodies, until I realize we’re going about 30km/hr on the QEW. Hm. Turns out there is no truck in front of us. We are actually breaking down. The bus makes it (thankfully) over the highest point of the skyway, then coasts, (“I think that’s just gravity though,” muses a girl nearby) all the way to the bottom of the skyway, and croaks.

“If you want to try walking, I’m gonna be here a while!” yells the busdriver.

I think this is hilarious. I call my dad, laughing in disbelief at my luck today, while walking down a service road with approximately 40-49 other people, toward the school. Of course, I’m pretty far from the school in walking distance terms, but by the time my dad gets there to help, I’ll probably already be at school. An accident involving a guy on a cell phone coming out of the White Oaks parking lot and a guy innocently driving down the road almost happens about 20 feet away from me and the others at one point. “Wow,” I keep saying. “Wow.”

Twenty-five to 30 minutes later, I arrive at school, and miss the other bus home that I would have preferred after that adventure to take instead of staying for the last half of the one class I had today, because it leaves the parking lot just as the group of us reaches the top.


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