Ice shoves on Lake Erie at Crystal Beach — just wow.

One of the coolest things to happen in this region in a long time has cost us absolutely nothing. It’s a totally natural wonder, one I’d never seen until this past weekend. If you live here, you should definitely go see it while you can. UPDATE 1: See the bottom of this post for directions on how to get there, and a map! UPDATE 2: Ice caves were evacuated February 17, 2014 due to possible ice fractures. Please see this Erie Media write-up for more … Continue reading

Bears in a Tree

Here are the bears we saw cooling off in a tree on a very hot day a few weeks ago near Grundy Lake. Of course, the first time I forgot my camera at the cottage before a boat ride was the first time I ever saw a baby bear peeking out of the bushes along the lake. Lesson learned. NEVER. LEAVE. CAMERA.   Share the post “Bears in a Tree” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

In the span of 25 minutes…

Walked in on a girl in the bathroom who was screaming hysterically at the toilet. She then told me I could use it, whereby I asked, “Um, is it working all right?” She then began to cry because she had just flushed her Motorolla RAZR down the toilet. Overheard a conversation about Dunnville while on the bus home. A girl told another girl that all they had in Dunnville was a bowling alley. The other girl then proceeded to ask the first what a bowling … Continue reading

Sexual Healing

Today: Car battery died today before I left for school, so I took the bus instead, despite the fact that it would mean disrupting the class when I walked in 15 minutes after it started. Better late than never, I thought to myself. (See also, in Nikki’s strikeout mantras: You have to spend money to make money!, and Think positive!, and You can’t make your candle brighter by blowing out someone else’s flame.) So I hop on Pop the bus and things are going good. … Continue reading

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