A funny thing happened on the way to the crazy house…

Dan has returned. I like when he blogs and you should too, because he is a real laugh riot. No, I mean that. Go read it or I stab you.

ballpark figure

Man, I’ve got nothing to say to this blog lately. Except that things are falling into place and school’s almost done. Can’t wait.

I’m reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs on the suggestion of someone I go to school with, which is amazing, because who knew business students could read, let alone read what turn out to be cool books in their spare time? And who knew from the beginning of that sentence that by the end it would be a question? Not me. Sometimes things in life just turn out that way.

Like, who knew I’d go to bed at 11:30 for the first time in months last night and actually get some sleep for once, and it still wouldn’t amount to enough, because life is tough that way?

And who knew I’d find myself in such a nice frame of mind, all while being altogether poor and useless? Money would be wonderful right now, but it wouldn’t feel like this. (It’d still feel damn good though. Give. Me. The lottery.)

It’s a small, small place, and things are always interesting. The photographer my friend works for is doing my cousin’s new baby photos, as it happens. Every time I go to Welland I see at least 3 people I’m familiar with in some way. And most importantly, Twitter is everywhere now. Weird, weird world.

Better things coming soon.

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