Quickly stop pain from bee stings & bug bites

Hi again, everyone! I hope that you and those close to you (physically or not) have been healthy and safe these past months. I’m not posting here much these days but I thought this was a pretty helpful tip and I wanted to share it as it’s just about that time of year again. Our part of the province moved into Stage 3 of reopening this past Friday, which allows children to play on playgrounds once again. Our son was sort of hesitant to play … Continue reading

Dragonfly Cannibalism

I’ve posted about this before, but I just felt like bringing it up again. This happened a few years ago at my family’s cottage: The guy on the bottom is the living dragonfly. This unlucky specimen is the head of the guy on top, whose mouth continued to move the whole time. Yet another thing I had never known could happen (both the cannibalism and the disembodied head moving for an hour or two afterward), discovered up north. Have you ever seen something like this? … Continue reading

“This Things I Believe”

Last night I went to the fridge and had a bit of yogurt and thought to myself how I couldn’t believe I ever liked eating chips before.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a healthy person.  Between Miklos and I, we’ve been to the walk-in about 3 times this week (although I guess for each of us there was only one issue and one was a follow-up), but I just could not see the appeal in eating salty snacks for a minute … Continue reading

Oh my god oh my god oh my god… where did you get that brownie?!

Well, it’s time.  Time for me to stop being frustrated in the old way and start being frustrated in a new and wonderful way! A way where I take the reins and give myself shit for being lazy, instead of letting other people do it.  Also to let go of the negativity that has surrounded for oh, let’s say an estimated three (3) years. We got some super cool new studio lights today.  A website/portfolio will follow this week.  I am so excited you have … Continue reading


I’m in one of those mid-life crisis in your twenties things. Maybe that means I’m dying at 56. We’ll see how it goes. There’s a point in one’s life where self-respect becomes a crucial element and I’ve hit it.  It’s so important to me right now that I’m leaping into an abyss and I don’t know where I’ll come out.  I want to write but there’s never enough Time if I must pay bills as well.  That’s never a good excuse.  You should always make … Continue reading

Something’s Happening

First, the obligatory fall-coloured leaf photo: Second, this could be a big day. A big awful day. Shit-show type of stuff. Or, conversely, it could be the best day of my life. Or it could be an average day. Really, I just wanted to post the picture of my leaf. Share the post “Something’s Happening” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

The Problem of Being an Artist… or a Kid Trapped in a Woman’s Body. Like Michael Jackson, but a chick and none of that weird stuff. So, not like Michael Jackson I guess.

So I met some people who looked young and somewhat cool, but who also acted very professional today.  I started to wonder when I would ever grow up. It’s something that is supposed to happen, I think, but do I want it to? I scoured Google on the subject of never growing up and found this was relevant while also funny. I mean… I’ve been paying my bills on time for nearly a decade (ok let’s say I started 7 years ago because I feel … Continue reading

Jesus, not a New Years Resolution Blog Already

The word of the day is: DEMONSTRATIVE.  Actually, just ‘demonstrative’.  People should never use all-caps for emphasis unless they are really angry and writing hard onto an actual piece of paper and then doing what I do which is to scribble in angry circles all over the all-cap after I’ve written it real big, then throwing it in the fire and giggling. What it means, according to some dictionary anyway, is: de·mon·stra·tive  (d-mnstr-tv) adj. 1. Serving to manifest or prove. 2. Involving or characterized by demonstration. 3. Given to … Continue reading