Wow! Old Dresser to DIY Vintage Bench Pinned 2000 times!

Awoke to see that our old beat-up dresser to pretty vintage bench post has reached 2000 pins on Pinterest!

UPDATE: 3000+ a week and a half later! :O Thank you thank you thank you!

from ugly old dresser to pretty vintage bench!

That makes me very happy! And to think we found it for free on the side of the road. Best!

Soon I want to make a simple upholstered bench out of an old coffee table we have for the foot¬†of the bed or even for our small entryway. More on that after…

Going to try to do it on my own since it doesn't require woodworking, just stapling. My woodworking skills are akin to the Homer Simpson spice rack seen here.

Going to try to do said¬†bench¬†on my own (mostly) since it doesn’t require woodwork¬†—¬†just cutting, measuring and stapling. My woodworking skills are akin to the Homer Simpson spice rack seen here.

And if I may go off-topic for a minute…

It might just be the remnants of the clutter of post-Christmas (which we’ve tackled, thankfully), but I’m in¬†an organizing mood lately. I desperately want our house to be functional and baby-proofed.¬†with some effort I think it can get there. Below is¬†a taste of yesterday’s learning experience — I cleaned up a couple of cabinets in the bathroom and now I feel so freeeee!

First step to bathroom¬†organization is to get rid of the junk you don’t use (and wipe clean surfaces).

I emptied the shelves, [should have] wiped them down and chucked the majority of what was in there. Amazing how quickly things expire! I just bought this Nair I never used … 7 years ago??! Whoops.

Second: Put everything in its place.¬†If it isn’t used a lot, move it out of the areas with the most traffic.

I stored less-used items in a hallway closet with occasionally used stuff. Picking out one item from the shelf no longer creates a domino effect among all the other things.

[Side note: I should really start taking Before pictures again so that I can document, for goodness sakes. At which point I will probably insert an After picture too.]

Third: Keep it tidy and clean.

The¬†final touch was to buy 3 little square baskets from the dollar store to sit on the shelf beneath the cabinet to store makeup, clippers, tweezers, and hair bands/bobby pins. These little fabric baskets¬†keep things out of view, look tidy, and since ours are soft they clink around less when I get ready during the boy’s morning nap.

[Plz stay forever, morning nap. I know you won’t…]

DIY vintage bench from old dresser

Back on topic I go…

I’m finding it hard to fit this wonderful bench within¬†our living space. (The dogs don’t think it suits their bathroom out on the grass.) We have two awkward entryways in our house and no mudroom which makes it a challenge.

Got any¬†tips for teeny-tiny entryways? I’d love to know what you think.

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