It’s 1am. It’s ladybug season. It’s also the season where your superintendent decides it’s O.K. to go into your apartment without prior vocal or written consent. I’m getting really, really stressed out. I can honestly say, aside from job hunting, I’ve not felt this stretched thin mentally in a while. We’ve never missed a rent payment, never been late, always done everything right in this place, and the people who run the show in this building are being supremely ridiculous toward us all of a … Continue reading

Poor people with poorer vocabulary, bitching about the government at 10:30, shoveling snow

The deposit on the new place goes down tomorrow. I have a small feeling this is a giant mistake, but perhaps that’s just because someone told me how unhappy my landlord seemed this morning about us moving out, and now I feel bad. And it’s not just because he’s losing money this way, that he probably feels bad. It’s also probably because he actually likes us and we’ve never been shitty tenants, and he’ll miss my cat who is cool and possibly homosexual. We have … Continue reading

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