It’s 1am. It’s ladybug season. It’s also the season where your superintendent decides it’s O.K. to go into your apartment without prior vocal or written consent. I’m getting really, really stressed out. I can honestly say, aside from job hunting, I’ve not felt this stretched thin mentally in a while. We’ve never missed a rent payment, never been late, always done everything right in this place, and the people who run the show in this building are being supremely ridiculous toward us all of a … Continue reading

Something has to give.

Between the middle-aged probable molesters, and the crotchety old jackoffs wearing hats with green bows expecting me to remove the GST/PST for them because they want to buy ‘confectionaries’, I need a new job. Love my coworkers, hate the type of people I’m dealing with. The quality is just not there. Who’d have thought. I have a few applications out. Something must come through. Feeling sick to my stomach. Hopefully it’s just dehydration, but it’s probably nerves. Gross people make me anxious. Must. Escape. Gross … Continue reading

Case and point: I am almost always hilarious.

As I open my email to see if Monster JobSearch Agent has found me any new Restaurant Manager “jobs matching my criteria”, (ultimately matching none of the criteria I’ve listed at all,) I come to a realization. I’m at my wit’s end, my breaking point, the point where it occurs to me that “Hm, yes, I do believe I need a break.” That’s it. I am slotting my vacation. One week of Mother Nature, cottage living, and, thus, the absence of most modern technologies I’m … Continue reading

If you look up when they flip the switches, you can see the smoke from all of my burning bridges

Something my friends and I often say in our disdain is “F my life.”Here, Rico Cat captures that sentiment, and to make it all the more realistic, he is surrounded by the very notes and day-planner that cause this such stress. Two midterms tomorrow, work tomorrow night, two midterms Friday, a prospectus due next week, and a midterm next Tuesday, as well as coordinating the Employer Appreciation Event that night. Thank those crazy Liberals for Family Day. I’ll actually get to study. Share the post … Continue reading

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