It’s 1am. It’s ladybug season. It’s also the season where your superintendent decides it’s O.K. to go into your apartment without prior vocal or written consent. I’m getting really, really stressed out. I can honestly say, aside from job hunting, I’ve not felt this stretched thin mentally in a while. We’ve never missed a rent payment, never been late, always done everything right in this place, and the people who run the show in this building are being supremely ridiculous toward us all of a … Continue reading

Ah, Bathfitter. I forgot my shower puff at the other place. I’ll have to get that tomorrow. These sunglasses were never meant to be. The first time I lost the arm to them, it was for two or three months, maybe more, and I found it in a purse the other day. Wore them today, and fucking lost the arm again when the glasses fell off on the bus. FUCK, I hate how much I loved those sunglasses. There’s no getting the arm back this … Continue reading

My cute little niece came along with my parents to visit me today. They all got me out of my “can’t do my assignment” blues. Macy’s facial expressions as she watches the fish dart around in the aquarium in my living room is priceless. How are my days being spent lately? Looking for furniture and cars on Kijiji, writing resumes, sleeping little, working, and spending my days at school scratching my head wondering if any of this is actually real to any degree. And yes, … Continue reading

Poor people with poorer vocabulary, bitching about the government at 10:30, shoveling snow

The deposit on the new place goes down tomorrow. I have a small feeling this is a giant mistake, but perhaps that’s just because someone told me how unhappy my landlord seemed this morning about us moving out, and now I feel bad. And it’s not just because he’s losing money this way, that he probably feels bad. It’s also probably because he actually likes us and we’ve never been shitty tenants, and he’ll miss my cat who is cool and possibly homosexual. We have … Continue reading

Sometimes, I am serious.

I know it’s hard to believe. But I am not always incredibly pleasant. There are several things you cannot suggest to me tell me to do and expect me to roll with. 1) Declawing my cat.2) … Well, that’s all that comes to mind. I have no sense of humour about that and, yes, despite being exceptionally easygoing about just about any other horrible thing you can think of, I cannot even find something remotely cute or funny about turning the mutilation of my cat’s … Continue reading

You know? School (and pardon my saying so) ‘don’t mean shit’ to me right now. Reading Week did wonders. It allowed me time to sleep, time to do a lot of nothing, and time to finally go to the doctor’s office, twice! Now I’m on a mild steroid and the world is my oyster. Lauren and I have been looking at new apartments. None are as good as the one we live in, but we want to save money (god damn it) and this place … Continue reading

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