I’m fighting a cold and a serious lack of motivation this week.  The cold came out of nowhere, and the lack of motivation is derivative of it. Let me tell you a story, speaking of derivative.   Once, on a cold December eve (I’ll assume it was December because I know it was cold and I had been sick a while, possibly three (3) months at that point, and for some reason text alignment is now centered, we’ll say that’s part of the story-telling format), … Continue reading

You know? School (and pardon my saying so) ‘don’t mean shit’ to me right now. Reading Week did wonders. It allowed me time to sleep, time to do a lot of nothing, and time to finally go to the doctor’s office, twice! Now I’m on a mild steroid and the world is my oyster. Lauren and I have been looking at new apartments. None are as good as the one we live in, but we want to save money (god damn it) and this place … Continue reading


That’s it. I’m going to get laser hair removal. It’s actually really, really inexpensive, and it’s done by the same guy who rid me of pimples (for the most part) for the rest of my life. I consider him a wizard. While I don’t agree with the amount of Botox injections he performs per year, I’m kind of cool with paying him a small fee to never again have to stress that I wore a short-sleeved shirt (an SSS) when I probably shouldn’t have. I … Continue reading