Morning (Absence of) Glory

Okay so I have not spent the morning picking up sticks and weird long bean strings from the back yard as I had hoped to, and do you know why?  I am addicted to sleep.  Or maybe just the compensation of sleep that seems to come in the mornings as a result of tossing and turning at night.  I miss my cheap bed.  This new plushy one with all the fixins just isn’t doing it for me.  I’m not as stiff as I was before, … Continue reading

Morning Laundry

Ungodly – Adverb describing the hour or more before daybreak where you are awake because your house is a raging inferno of heat (or you wore too many layers of clothing to bed – more likely).  Oh, North American dilemmas.  Dilemmae?  Whathaveyou. Aside: Sometimes I feel like this site should be called Bracketose, but then there’d go the element of wordplay. Anyway I am up and that’s just great.  (Interpret as desired.)  The sun is starting to crack through the sky into this part of … Continue reading

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