Morning (Absence of) Glory

Okay so I have not spent the morning picking up sticks and weird long bean strings from the back yard as I had hoped to, and do you know why?  I am addicted to sleep.  Or maybe just the compensation of sleep that seems to come in the mornings as a result of tossing and turning at night.  I miss my cheap bed.  This new plushy one with all the fixins just isn’t doing it for me.  I’m not as stiff as I was before, … Continue reading

Coffee Explosion!

If you live on the countryside today, I consider you very lucky.  One of this year’s photo assignments for me is to photograph a wet country road  with a super-sunny sky, tree shadows all around.  (If you do it first, please post so I can enjoy your picture!)  I got the suburban version of that today but, as you can imagine, it’s really not as picturesque as the country concept. For the first time in a while, coffee tastes incredible this morning.  The Tassimo sort … Continue reading

Mmm, Savings

Coffee from a pot, even a premium blend, is half as cheap as K-Cups (so I’m guessing Tassimo too), is more environmentally sound, and it tastes better.  I mean, I could’ve done the math myself but why bother when someone else is willing?  Overall both costs make me happy I don’t buy from Tim Hortons much anymore (except during Rim time). I guess there is a way to recycle Tassimo discs.  Dump the non-plastic contents (grinds, whatever) into organics.  Or just stick to the coffee pot. … Continue reading

Fat Canada, We’ll See You Shortly!

Finally, we’re catching up to America.  If you don’t watch the news or listen to the radio but you do read this blog, here is a chart for reference: On a similar topic, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford only weighed in at 33o lbs today, cheeseburger NOT in hand.  Congrats, Mr. Ford! Share the post “Fat Canada, We’ll See You Shortly!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


Too bad for Mixi. Came across kind of a neat pick-me-up in the morning if you enjoy punctuation marks that are rarely used: 14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed It’s morning, and we’re about to sample some Melitta coffee that we only got charged 13 cents for at the store thanks to a broken scale.  If it’s not any good, I still have the receipt. Last night I played a guitar solo on a naked mannequin. Crest Pro-Health: Tastes great, but my tongue … Continue reading

Star of Wonder

Only half our latest string of lights is working. This is the way I’m trending lately. I buy a string of Christmas lights, half of them explode. It’s happened now for half the lights on our tree at my apartment, and now that I strung some lights around the window at Miklos’s, half seem to have died there too. Strange phenomenon. I just drank some Dr. Pepper because I bought a bottle for 99 cents, and even though I don’t like pop most of the … Continue reading

I don’t play baby games.

An empty Tim Hortons cup sits on my desk, to the left of my computer and to the Southeast of my phone. This is a cue for me to make a tea. I enjoy a good Earl Grey tea these days. I also enjoy ‘paying back’ my sleep debt. One day Miklos is going to pay back his sleep debt too, but his case will be much more Van Winkle than mine (minus all the tragedy). When he awakes, there will be mugs and mugs … Continue reading

Code Red

I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful bunch of winter days to have off work. The sky is blue (as far as I can tell with my curtains over the windows), and yesterday was a good day for pictures. Had a blueberry and a strawberry beer, which were all right, but kind of lackluster since my affinity for drinks has long vanished into my past of fun and hope and dreams and creativity. Hey. Maybe I’ll start drinking again to resurrect those qualities! That does … Continue reading

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