This is getting old.

At times, people have a strange sickness about them when they enter a store in need of a product. All their insecurities seem to fade, and all ‘normal’ behaviour is kicked temporarily to the curb before they must again face the world outside the shop that houses the product they require. Today’s incident involved an elderly woman who insisted to me that someone had told her she could have a product for 20% off, as it wasn’t available a few weeks ago when we had … Continue reading

Been there, done that, got the puck to the face.

I do not see any logical reason for a person to wake up until noon if they don’t work until the evening. I woke up (accidentally) at around 5:30 this morning, decided to stay up until I would fall asleep again (which never happened), and the only useful thing I’ve done is washed some sheets. Actually, I’m pretty thankful for that. I’m not someone who can go weeks without washing their sheets. I wish I was. I estimate that if I was, with the cost … Continue reading

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