How L-theanine helps my anxiety & more

Plagued by anxiety? It might be worth your while to try L-theanine.

This winter’s been something else, hasn’t it? Hopefully yours was filled with health and happiness. For a while over here my son and I were constantly sick, which we eventually learned were pretty intense sinus infections. After a couple of rounds of antibiotics apiece, we thankfully began to feel better. Winter has always been a bit of a drag (that can’t be just me?), but the Christmas season keeps me quite busy so I can usually push through that bit with ease. January I find ‚Ķ Continue reading

Experian, TransUnion & Equifax probably won’t fix your credit report without a lawsuit. Cool right?

Watch this eye-opening special from 60 Minutes about how the people you speak to or write to at Equifax, TransUnion and Experian have no authority to change any error on your credit report. Ignore the annoying commercial breaks. It’s worth it. 40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate? — 60 Minutes How is this legal? Well, it isn’t. That’s why lawsuits are being filed to correct even the most obvious of credit errors. We’ve had a couple of personal experiences with something like this, ‚Ķ Continue reading

Interactive Map of Toronto’s Fallen Soldiers (Source: Global News)

I am beyond impressed with this map provided by Global News. An incredible 2870 names of fallen soldiers from the First World War geocoded and analyzed, plotted onto this map of Toronto according to their next of kin’s address, along with their age, date of death, occupation and rank. ¬†If you’re especially familiar with the area, this might be of extra interest to you. ¬†I lived next to the residence of a fallen gunner named Edward Trevor Lynge. He died September 7, 1918. ¬†Gives “close ‚Ķ Continue reading

The Problem of Being an Artist… or a Kid Trapped in a Woman’s Body. Like Michael Jackson, but a chick and none of that weird stuff. So, not like Michael Jackson I guess.

So I met some people who looked young and somewhat cool, but who also acted very professional today. ¬†I started to wonder when I would ever grow up. It’s something that is supposed to happen, I think, but do I want it to? I scoured Google on the subject of never growing up and found this was relevant while also funny. I mean… I’ve been paying my bills on time for nearly a decade (ok let’s say I started 7 years ago because I feel ‚Ķ Continue reading

Jesus, not a New Years Resolution Blog Already

The word of the day is: DEMONSTRATIVE. ¬†Actually, just ‘demonstrative’. ¬†People should never use all-caps for emphasis unless they are really angry and writing hard onto an actual piece of paper and then doing what I do which is to scribble in angry circles all over the all-cap after I’ve written it real big, then throwing it in the fire and giggling. What it means, according to some dictionary anyway, is: de¬∑mon¬∑stra¬∑tive¬†¬†(d-mnstr-tv) adj. 1.¬†Serving to manifest or prove. 2.¬†Involving or characterized by demonstration. 3.¬†Given to ‚Ķ Continue reading

Music Heals Your Soul, the Universe and a Waterfall with a Rainbow

With regards to my post the other day, I got my friggin’ wedding dress. ¬†Unsure of why exactly, but I’ve been feeling like a rotten old bag of throw-up ever since. ¬†Maybe because this signifies that we are in PLAN IT ALL NOW OR SUICIDE YOURSELF mode. ¬†I am the worst planner of all things. ¬†I am actually better on my feet than if I rehearse 100x. ¬†I hate taking control and I like when everyone plans things for me. ¬†Unfortunately, we are BrokeBank Mountain ‚Ķ Continue reading

Are you there, Dan? It’s me, Nikki.

More and more I realize, I am a professional thief-babysitter.  My job is to watch people try and steal and to stare them down and not directly state that they are stealing because that would be accusing them of what they are doing and for some reason that’s a faux-pas in the retail biz. [GETMETHEHELLOUT] Despite this, it turns out I’m gradually becoming an adult after all. Miklos and I are buying a house and adopting a child from Zimbabwe.  Or so this junk mail ‚Ķ Continue reading