The Dog & I

The dog is an itch-bag and so today I’m feeding her a tiny bit of garlic in her food to eliminate any chance of fleas. It’s no problem for me, as I can only smell anything half of the time, but apparently she smells.  Brewer’s yeast is effective as well, and won’t kill Mixi if she ingests some of Casey’s food as she tends to do, so that’s next to add to my Cupboard Full of Old People Crap. Today at Commatose Towers we have … Continue reading


  Ranting aside, it’s a nice day for Halloween.  Not raining, not snowing, just a slight chill to the air, and I’m wearing some orange and a pair of Halloween socks.  I think the orange and black spirit would love me today.  Wish us luck with Casey and Rico not flying out the door tonight when the kids come to gather their treats. Share the post “Halloween!” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading


“Pay money for me. I am so innocent and would never destroy your home.” A while back, we got a dog.  My family had several dogs when I was growing up, and I guess I must have been spoiled because they were the best dogs in the universe.  Our dog now is adorable, funny, sweet — you can’t help but feel like a total a-hole for no reason when you look into her sad little brown eyes.  She is also the most destructive dog I … Continue reading

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