Val Valentino Strikes Again – Masked Magician Fail

One of the most common ways people get to my site is to search “Val Valentino” or “masked magician” on Google, almost certainly because I once wrote this. In the past couple of days, the popular search term has been “val valentino fail”.  Well, to your delight and to my confusion (what was actually supposed to happen here, magicians?!), here it is. I’m not a fan of showcasing failures, but (1) I give the people what they want to some degree, and (2) I’ve always … Continue reading

Joel Plaskett Show

There has not been a show during which Mr. Plaskett has disappointed me.  Miklos felt bad for me after we missed the June show at Brock because I was working in a pee-pee soaked heckhole so he got these tickets as soon as I found out they were on sale. We’d been looking forward to it all summer.  So when we realized it was actually October 19th this past week, we got ourselves psyched, headed to Hamilton, Ontario, and got slightly lost in a parking … Continue reading

Robin Pecknold continues to be wonderful in every way.

You know of my love for Fleet Foxes if you’re any one of the four regular visitors to this site (including the weirdo who gets here every time by searching “elvira quesada”; hearts!). Well, there’s more proof in the pudding that one of this era’s most talented musicians is just as great a guy as he is at tugging my emotions every which way on a long drive down the northern highways. Not only did he comment on this guy’s cover of “Olivia, In a … Continue reading

TED Talks & ADD

Ah, crap.  It happened again. Does anyone else feel like they’ve been Rick-rolled when someone sends them a link to a TED Talk? I just can’t commit 10 minutes at a time to anything these days.  They’re such good segments, very informative, thought-provoking and usually quite fresh.  So why doesn’t my body want to sit in one spot and listen to these delectable spiels whenever a friend (or foe) informs me that I must watch this video?  I can’t do it!  I can’t.  In the … Continue reading

Somewhere Else

Happy Valentine’s Day, kids!  I’ve prepared a little something for just this such occasion; that is to say, I found it and am posting it for your viewing pleasure/indifference. Joel Plaskett – Somewhere Else Scrappy Happiness‘s anticipated release date is March 27, if you’re looking to buy me an early birthday gift. Share the post “Somewhere Else” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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