Joel Plaskett Show

There has not been a show during which Mr. Plaskett has disappointed me.  Miklos felt bad for me after we missed the June show at Brock because I was working in a pee-pee soaked heckhole so he got these tickets as soon as I found out they were on sale. We’d been looking forward to it all summer.  So when we realized it was actually October 19th this past week, we got ourselves psyched, headed to Hamilton, Ontario, and got slightly lost in a parking … Continue reading

Busy Bee

It’s been a week full of business preparatory.  I can’t help but feel somewhat ready for this now.  It will be nice to actually shoot soon and get back to the part of the whole deal that I love. Tonight the Miklos and I venture off into the Hamilton night to see Mr Joel Plaskett.  We will be serenaded by sweet, sweet tunage and hopefully I will get more than one excellent shot of the band.  I’ve been waiting for this since I missed his … Continue reading

More Music without Videos

These helped the evening along nicely. Back to reality (from… unreality? Lala land? I dunno). Matthew Good – Last Parade Modest Mouse – The World at Large Addendum: Oh and if you’re a fan of Joel Plaskett (or don’t yet know him), I’ve been listening to Scrappy Happiness tonight and you can too, thanks to CBC Music. Share the post “More Music without Videos” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


So far, the Arkells are up there for Nikki’s Official Tunes of End-of-Winter/Beginning-0f-Spring 2009. They kind of have an element of bland to them though, so I’m looking for alternatives. Past bands of springtimes past include: Local Rabbits, Peter Elkas, (both remind me of walking down Bathurst and Bloor to go to work) Sloan, (driving in springtime) The Unicorns, (non committal springtime grooves) and the White Stripes (way back in 2000 or so when I bought my first ever digital camera, now that I think … Continue reading

Drunk Teenagers

Oh, Plaskett. This reminds me of the drive to Grundy Lake, if only for the vandalism on the Canadian Shield along the highway: halfway ashtray rockspray painted on a cliffi hate clayton parkI want a giant splif i want to leave my markout in the wildernessi need to take a piss drunk teenagers, lets start a fightOut gettin wasted on a Saturday nightdrunk teenagers, you can pick your poisonthe city or the country, we just wanna make some noiseo yeah i don’t want to get … Continue reading

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