The Times They Are A-Changin’

I think I’ve been getting bitten by a spider in my sleep for a week or so. Waking up with small swollen bumps in places too widely dispersed for it to be a rash or fleas (thank god), I had wondered what was plaguing me. For some reason, a spider never came to mind. We were watching Survivor last night when Miklos suddenly hopped over me, grabbed a tissue, and grabbed something from my cushion. Turns out my Little Miss Muffet-head was about to get … Continue reading

Baby’s 1st Phobia

So here it is, my one unexplainable and recently-revealed fear: Going to the gym. No idea where this stems from. Possibly because the last year of gym class I ever had in school was spent with a healing broken nose; possibly because my knees are shot at the tender age of 25 (they have been since … say, the even tenderer age of 18); possibly because of nothing. I can confirm that the reason is not: Self-esteem issues A desire to be enormous Freemason conspiracy … Continue reading

I just saw an accident on the 406. Well, I saw the aftermath, and it gave me a giant headache because of my road paranoia and the fact that this happened about a minute ahead of where I was. I’ve never seen that highway come to a screeching halt; it took me completely by surprise when I had to brake hard and slow right down to 0. I won’t describe the accident scene here. I hope the person was all right. Share the post “” … Continue reading

It doesn’t matter what people are sayin’, as long as they’re talking about ya

I’m getting a bit of a Homolka vibe from someone. It’s very creepy, and I don’t understand the whole situation, but ya. Asking for my cell number after you talk to me for 5 seconds or so on MSN is strange. Asking me to webcam with you is weird. More so if you’re a girl (but in general too). This person was almost a roommate two years ago. This is when I tell myself: thank your intuition for sidestepping that calamity. Thanks. Crazy is in … Continue reading

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