RIP Dead Car

It happened without careening, which came as a surprise. Waiting all day for what was to become my Friday the 13th, I did at one point envision myself in a horrific car crash (I’m not crazy, I just am seriously crazy).  Not usually too superstitious, it had been a relatively calm week so I expected this traditionally ‘unlucky’ day would be the one where something came crashing down.  My eye began to twitch, unrelated, hours earlier and had not taken a rest from it since. … Continue reading

Car Shopping

Hello.  I’m looking for a car.  Preferably an un-robbable one, but I’m not too picky.  I do know that I want a cute hatchback and I do not want it to be silver or grey, and I am even a bit biased against black cars.  Sorry, it’s just how I was raised.  I want something in either a nice colour or pure white so that I can carry around a Coach purse and wear diamond-studded sunglasses without feeling out of place.  I want at least … Continue reading

Things I Miss Currently:

Our little blue car. RIP sweetie. You were loved. The tartar under my gums before my dental appointment today. It had become a part of me. The ability to react sharply and quickly, both physically and mentally. Painkillers and muscle relaxants are a wonderful demotivator and defense-mechanism-killer, but I like being slightly wound-up. Now I know why my friend who was addicted to codeine was such a lackadaisical slacker all the time. In short, we got into a big car accident caused by a gent … Continue reading


I gave up on the 365, rather quickly it would seem. It was no good, and I felt like it was holding me back. Or obligating me. I’d rather just picturize when the mood strikes me, or when something cool presents itself. Tomorrow, our little Mixi (who has recently taken to becoming a woman) goes in to get spayed. Good luck, cat! We’ll see you on the outside. In the meantime, she and the other two have to fast for the night (or, we’ll just … Continue reading

Star of Wonder

Only half our latest string of lights is working. This is the way I’m trending lately. I buy a string of Christmas lights, half of them explode. It’s happened now for half the lights on our tree at my apartment, and now that I strung some lights around the window at Miklos’s, half seem to have died there too. Strange phenomenon. I just drank some Dr. Pepper because I bought a bottle for 99 cents, and even though I don’t like pop most of the … Continue reading

I just saw an accident on the 406. Well, I saw the aftermath, and it gave me a giant headache because of my road paranoia and the fact that this happened about a minute ahead of where I was. I’ve never seen that highway come to a screeching halt; it took me completely by surprise when I had to brake hard and slow right down to 0. I won’t describe the accident scene here. I hope the person was all right. Share the post “” … Continue reading

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

John Smith and his dad are working on building a [hopefully safe] pit in the garage so that his dad can fix cars with greater ease. I’m hoping in the process of chipping away concrete and digging today they manage to find an antique grand piano or maybe a nugget of gold so that we can pay our way through life. Even a box of money would be pretty cool. I’m not picky. Yesterday was all about sweating buckets and seeking out fonts and reducing … Continue reading

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, all the livelong day…

Make no mistake about it, I have not been working on any railroads. Actually, I’ve been paying $117 for a tire that decided to implode this morning. Better im- than ex-, I always say. It was that which had me decide to spend even more money on a load of shit that I don’t really need. Nothing like a nice bill to break the spending seal. I guess once in a while, when things are [as] golden [as they can be, for a recent graduate … Continue reading

With a little help from my friends…

The “After Nikki’s Non-Existent But Seemingly Apparent Car Alarm Honked 85 Times and Woke the Neighbourhood Up” Drive-Home Playlist: Guess Who – Sour Suite Crosby, Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/With a Little Help From My Friends Nirvana – Dumb This is after my mp3 player read that its battery was full and, just moments later, decided on its own that it was empty after all. What a good bunch of songs that turned … Continue reading

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