Busy busy bee

Things are hectic. Between working two jobs and setting up a business plan, I’ve failed a good friend: Danner. I barely update lately! So in apology, I give him this blog entry. The Price is Right has the unrelenting power to make a person who works two jobs still feel horribly under-employed. Time to pick up a third job and second business plan. Pearl says The Invention of Lying is a good movie. She told us most of the plot today, so I’m not sure … Continue reading

I don’t know, Ron. That sounds a little crazy.

Yeah so I should really take a couple days out of having fun per week to do assignments and homework. Life is not supposed to be this good, apparently, at least not while you’re in school for less than one more month. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve been at it for two days straight and I am still way, way behind. …Ew. This guy on House is not pretty. Brazil nuts, eh? So yeah, Twitter is the latest distraction for just about everyone. Texting the very latest thought … Continue reading

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