Star of Wonder

Only half our latest string of lights is working. This is the way I’m trending lately. I buy a string of Christmas lights, half of them explode. It’s happened now for half the lights on our tree at my apartment, and now that I strung some lights around the window at Miklos’s, half seem to have died there too. Strange phenomenon. I just drank some Dr. Pepper because I bought a bottle for 99 cents, and even though I don’t like pop most of the … Continue reading

I need to quit all my jobs. Only one by choice and hatred; the one I have out of obligation to living and breathing. Actually I like one of the remaining two I will have come January. It’s not so bad. Except that I get about four (4) hours a week there. So really, I could stick with having two jobs, if I only had a proper schedule and the promise that most of the time, my sanity would be preserved. It’s my day off, … Continue reading

Things That Are Stupid #12983

My nana forwarded this email on to me today: If I happened to show up on your door step crying, Would you Care? If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something Happened, Would you come? If I needed a shoulder to cry on, Would you give me Yours? Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes? They blink together, they move together, they cry together, They see things together and they sleep together, BUT THEY NEVER SEE … Continue reading

Busy busy bee

Things are hectic. Between working two jobs and setting up a business plan, I’ve failed a good friend: Danner. I barely update lately! So in apology, I give him this blog entry. The Price is Right has the unrelenting power to make a person who works two jobs still feel horribly under-employed. Time to pick up a third job and second business plan. Pearl says The Invention of Lying is a good movie. She told us most of the plot today, so I’m not sure … Continue reading

You’re the devil in me

We’re going to see District 9 tonight, which I know nothing about, except that there’s something about aliens (or Mary) involved in it. I’ll do it because Miklos’s sister is a peach and we have movie passes because of her. Went for sushi with Heather today for the first time in a while. It was refreshing, although we didn’t get to go to Sushi Jade because it’s now something of a condemned building instead of a restaurant. Which I kind of expected, after the last … Continue reading

Git in, ya dumb bastids!

I’ve just seen a Johnny Depp movie that I didn’t particularly like. It’s a sad day in the world of me; except for all the other happy things that have happened, I mean. Which is pretty much everything else. Earlier today, I was about to text a girl I know when the phone started ringing. Answered, and no one was there. Went to text that same person again, and the phone rang once more. Answered, and this time it was someone apologizing for hanging up … Continue reading

Blinky: The Silent Cleaner

I got Blinky yesterday after resigning myself to the fact that my angelfish probably isn’t going to die any time soon, and as such, he probably isn’t going to start licking the algae he and his surroundings produce off the side of the aquarium. According to the place I bought him, Blinky is a ‘rubber lip’, which sounds kind of mafia-esque. He eats algae, and he does it quite well. Thing is, since I got him, the dirt has dramatically disappeared, which is great, but … Continue reading

Embracing the Midweek Weekend

Shockingly, school’s going great. I got a nice, swift rejection from a company for an interview that I went to a week or so ago, but not because I wasn’t great. (They said I was great!) Actually, they’ve had to re-evaluate their department headcount (which means hiring freeze in real people terms), so for now, they can’t hire me on. They would like me to call back around March though, and we can discuss what can be done then, because they really, really liked me. … Continue reading

Headphones on, listening to nothing.

deathstar rocketboot. says:your voice is so sexy hahahadeathstar rocketboot. says:god damnitNik says:lol whatdeathstar rocketboot. says:you should be one mof those girls who talks on the phone late at nightNik says:hahahahhadeathstar rocketboot. says:your voice! its super sexy hahaNik says:well if HR doesn’t work outNik says:i’ve got a lucrative career at Quest ahead of me Share the post “Headphones on, listening to nothing.” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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