DIY: How to make 3 comfy nursing bras for under $15!

here are all three DIY nursing bras

This is where my blog becomes uncomfortable for the few men who still read it. This should scare them off good. My phone app tells me Newborn Boy is on the way within 21 days or so (really??), and with a newborn boy comes the need for baby-related things. One of those things for moms who plan to breastfeed is a nursing bra. Ever look for these in a store? One that is comfortable is going to run you around $20, one that fits well … Continue reading

DIY Bra band extender — great for pregnancy!

DIY bra extender - great for pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a journey unlike any other. Things grow, stretch and otherwise evolve for a bunch of months in many previously unknown ways. Despite buying new bras to accommodate my … bounty (ha ha), I’ve noticed that about halfway through my day, I am suffocating. The cups are great, no problem there. My band, however, goes from a pretty decent size in the morning to ribcage-strangulation-sized in the afternoon-to-evening. And so I came up with this cost-effective alternative to buying several sizes of bra:   … Continue reading

Denim whale’s big brother has arrived!

I made a more robust version of the DIY denim whale from last week! I like his tail details. Now that I’m becoming a little more familiar with my sewing machine, it was easier to do the cute little top-stitches. See the original post here (includes link to denim whale tutorial by a lovely Finnish lady). How do you like my whale?   Related articles DIY denim whale – great baby room or toddler gift project! DIY: Turn your regular jeans into skinny jeans… right … Continue reading

DIY denim whale — great baby room or toddler gift project!

One of the sucky parts about having a bunch of jeans I no longer like is that I very rarely find projects that involve denim that I think don’t look cheesy or cheap. Something about denim that only looks good on the legs, and occasionally, if you’re feeling adventurous and young, a jacket. We’re getting the baby boy’s room ready lately. My youngest niece came a lot earlier than expected (in fact she was born on our wedding day), so we figured — just in … Continue reading

My very first DIY clutch purse!

Over the holidays, I learned how much I hate old sewing machines. (How are our grandmothers still so nice, and not crazy maniacs after dealing with a lifetime of those?) We got a new one after Christmas and, man, was it ever a great investment. I’m so excited to get working on new projects with it. I will write more about the machine itself later because it deserves a brag for such a great price. What an improvement. It was intimidating though for a few … Continue reading

DIY: Quick & easy decorative table tray

This year we did something different for Christmas. We stuck to a reasonable budget (and managed to stay under it!) and a few of the gifts were even homemade. I had a lot of fun making them. Here’s one more. Note: Ours was sturdy enough that it could actually be used as a serving tray. Be sure to carefully test yours beforehand if this is what you plan to do with it, as not all frames are created equal.     Materials: A deep-set frame … Continue reading

DIY: Homemade tablet case

Tablet cases can be anywhere from $15 (on a good day) to $50 (on a normal day). I prefer to spend as little money as possible, plus I’m on this “making thoughtful gifts” kick, so I decided to fashion a tablet case for someone. Below are some shots of what resulted! Here is some material I was considering using but then I didn’t. I just used the purple placemat beneath it. Reason? It already had interfacing, and it had a nice pattern on one side … Continue reading

How to Refresh Your Stinky Towels Naturally

Despite being green for the most part, we always wash our towels in hot water because — let’s face it — towels washed in cold can smell just gross. The other day I noticed a towel after one use smelled like it had been dragged through an onion patch. This happens more than I care to admit (but I will anyway). A towel used on a clean person’s body should not smell bad. However, months on end of detergent buildup and mildew as well as … Continue reading

DIY sugar face & hand scrubs for dry winter skin!

You know those people who say they don’t want gifts but really you’re smart enough know everyone wants a gift? This is one for those people. These homemade scrubs are great for guys or girls — think: a gritty scrub to keep in the garage for a quick handwash under the hose. The facial scrub is made of all natural ingredients, and the hand scrub is the easiest thing in the world to make. Both are extremely effective, though for my skin type (which is … Continue reading

DIY rustic end table for less than $10!

After we brought the Christmas tree out a couple weeks ago, we needed to rearrange (and remove) some of the furniture. Wouldn’t have to, really, but Junior’s tendency to eat everything in sight means we still need to crate train him a while longer. We have two of these simple LACK tables from Ikea. When the tree came back, we had to put one of them away, and replace our loveseat with an armchair we put away when Junior’s crate came along. Needless to say, it … Continue reading