I am covered in bites and one sting. I am slower than a zombie today. Withdrawals from both Vitamin D and homemade coffee are the culprit. Being on the island was fun fun fun!, then we remembered we live and work in Welland. C’est la shitty vie, that’s what Quebec taught me. I still like little old Welland, but it’s nothing compared to a place where both my jobs are 550km away. My two-and-a-half year old niece may or may not have seen ghosts this … Continue reading

A Cigarette in Bed; or a Cookie, for Non-Smokers

It was a very gloom-and-doom weekend at the island, at least as much as an island on the border of Ontario and Quebec can be gloom-doomy. Allow me for a moment to be more specific: The sky spent a lot of time pissing down rain. One bad omen was a horrible accident that had happened on the 400S the morning we departed for the island; a tractor trailer and a small car collided, spilling 400 litres of diesel on the highway and killing at least … Continue reading

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