You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve never been anywhere.

Big news! Miklos and I are going to Hungary in April! This still really hasn’t sunk in for me. Except that tomorrow when I wake up, I’m positive I’ll realize the reality of it. I’ve never been on a big plane; I’ve never seen the ocean, let alone crossed it; I’ve never been in a total state of culture shock; I’ve never been in a country where I have so little a realistic idea of what to expect, except for what someone has told me. … Continue reading

A Cigarette in Bed; or a Cookie, for Non-Smokers

It was a very gloom-and-doom weekend at the island, at least as much as an island on the border of Ontario and Quebec can be gloom-doomy. Allow me for a moment to be more specific: The sky spent a lot of time pissing down rain. One bad omen was a horrible accident that had happened on the 400S the morning we departed for the island; a tractor trailer and a small car collided, spilling 400 litres of diesel on the highway and killing at least … Continue reading

Case and point: I am almost always hilarious.

As I open my email to see if Monster JobSearch Agent has found me any new Restaurant Manager “jobs matching my criteria”, (ultimately matching none of the criteria I’ve listed at all,) I come to a realization. I’m at my wit’s end, my breaking point, the point where it occurs to me that “Hm, yes, I do believe I need a break.” That’s it. I am slotting my vacation. One week of Mother Nature, cottage living, and, thus, the absence of most modern technologies I’m … Continue reading

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