I am covered in bites and one sting. I am slower than a zombie today. Withdrawals from both Vitamin D and homemade coffee are the culprit. Being on the island was fun fun fun!, then we remembered we live and work in Welland. C’est la shitty vie, that’s what Quebec taught me. I still like little old Welland, but it’s nothing compared to a place where both my jobs are 550km away. My two-and-a-half year old niece may or may not have seen ghosts this … Continue reading

It’s so different out here

So we’re back from up north. What a great place, where the only thing you’re blowing a tonne of money on is gasoline. It’s nice not to be surrounded by products and crazy people, but rather by trees and crazy people you enjoy spending time with. Adding pictures to Flickr periodically for the next day or two. There is nothing like a nice hike to simultaneously clear your mind and fill it with wonder. What a good trip. Back to grumbling when I wake up. … Continue reading

Sans-Labour Day

We went to the Marshville Festival for our day off. It was fun. All the useless crap people sell there makes me want to open a booth at a trade show. A booth comprised of anything! One place made really good wood carvings, and wasn’t even selling any of them. Amazing. Creating things simply for the enjoyment of it, not for business… who does that anymore? Speaking of working for nothing, the frantic job search continues tomorrow. Going to change the name on my resume … Continue reading

Post 69. You know what that means. One more and I’ll have made 70 posts!

Family Day went off without a hitch. That is to say, as predicted, I did not see my family at all, although I did call them to make sure my sister was still alive after a scary trip to the hospital last night. [She’s ok. Viral flu.] I managed to clean the entire house and avoid studying until this evening. Tomorrow I set out to appreciate potential employers at an event of tradition at my school, and write the last midterm before Reading Week. And … Continue reading

If you look up when they flip the switches, you can see the smoke from all of my burning bridges

Something my friends and I often say in our disdain is “F my life.”Here, Rico Cat captures that sentiment, and to make it all the more realistic, he is surrounded by the very notes and day-planner that cause this such stress. Two midterms tomorrow, work tomorrow night, two midterms Friday, a prospectus due next week, and a midterm next Tuesday, as well as coordinating the Employer Appreciation Event that night. Thank those crazy Liberals for Family Day. I’ll actually get to study. Share the post … Continue reading

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