How L-theanine helps my anxiety & more

Plagued by anxiety? It might be worth your while to try L-theanine.

This winter’s been something else, hasn’t it? Hopefully yours was filled with health and happiness. For a while over here my son and I were constantly sick, which we eventually learned were pretty intense sinus infections. After a couple of rounds of antibiotics apiece, we thankfully began to feel better. Winter has always been a bit of a drag (that can’t be just me?), but the Christmas season keeps me quite busy so I can usually push through that bit with ease. January I find … Continue reading

3 and a half slick, sleek cases to fit the Samsung Galaxy S6

Remember this post? Well, someone I married arranged for a boatload of family to pitch in for me to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 for my birthday. It was released the very same day, so maybe that was a sign that it was meant to be. Yay! The camera alone, it turns out, is worth the upgrade. It’s fast and takes great, clear pictures, even in the dark. As a clumsy person, it’s fitting for me to share the coolest options for, uh… protection… if you’ve already … Continue reading

Why I still heart my Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2015

pink Fossil Bee S4 case

Samsung releases the Galaxy S6 on April 10, 2015, comprised of metal, glass, non-removable battery and no expandable memory — offering instead impressive internal storage with 32, 64 and 128GB models.   Its release date makes this my perfect birthday phone, or so you’d think. I’m just not sure. I may have been extremely fortunate that my Galaxy S4 has lasted through so, so many terrible things. This week, Johnny took his first steps (!!!!!!!) and then proceeded to drool all over my phone. I wiped it off … Continue reading

Review: Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker with thick bassy sound

Remember this pre-Christmas list? I was delighted to discover that Miklos had this wonderful little sound box I’d mentioned wrapped and under the tree for me! Best! I decided to give it its own review post because it really is one of my favourite things. If you love taking your music with you wherever you go (e.g. parties, outside while you garden, BBQ or work, down by the dock or campfire, or even just from room to room) you will love this speaker. [This post contains … Continue reading

5 great practical Christmas gifts (that they will actually love!)

5 practical Christmas gift ideas they'll actually love!

Do you have someone in your life who’s tough to buy for because they seem to buy exactly what they want, when they want it? These people often have no idea what to say when you ask them what they’re hoping for this Christmas. I know. I have a few people like this to buy for on my list and it can be a challenge to shop for them. Here are a few things I use that I think would make great Christmas gifts — why? They’re the … Continue reading

5 Baby Items That Helped Save This Mom’s Sanity

5 Items That Helped Save This Mom's Sanity! --

Have you noticed my blogging absence lately? Has it made the heart grow fonder? Are you rolling your eyes? Stop doing that. They’ll stick. As a parent I can say that now. It turns out kids are life-altering in just about every way you can imagine! A baby is a bundle of joy, love and is a living, breathing bootcamp for patience and problem-solving skills.   Here are some game-changing baby items that have saved our sanity. I’ve used affiliate links here but I have not … Continue reading

Pixlr Express: Photo Editing For Your Phone & Camera Alike

You’ve probably taken a picture of yourself with your phone at some point. Likewise, you might have taken a picture where you realized something was superficially wrong in that you weren’t 100% confident on sharing with the universe. Maybe you had a blemish, or a black fly bite on your neck large enough to give the impression that you spent the night at Makeout Creek. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been mentioning Instagram a lot lately. In part, it has to do with my phone. … Continue reading

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector — Review

My sister sends me a tonne of freebies and coupons, and if she for some reason doesn’t send them to me, she always lets me know what’s going on. It’s useful especially when you get trial sized sunscreens, body washes, shampoos and conditioners to go on vacation with. Oh, and I also might buy the products afterward if they’re really good. I received a sample of Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector last week in the mail and I was really excited to … Continue reading

Essence Colour & Go

I don’t review things normally, or when I do, it’s often not the most flattering of reviews, but I have to compliment this nail polish I bought yesterday. I don’t need more polish, but the palette of colours you don’t typically see, especially in an inexpensive brand, was amazing. Essence has gorgeous neutrals and some uncommon bright colours too. So anyway, I picked a couple up to do my toes since they were looking ugly and was pleased when they rang up at $1.34 each. … Continue reading

I Miss Obscure & Nonsensical Blog Titles

At long last, I found a product I had been searching for.  I plan to review it tomorrow. Expect pretty much only praise, because it turns out it is the best.  The review requires pictures and pictures require natural light, so for now, a picture I took earlier this week with natural light: Share the post “I Miss Obscure & Nonsensical Blog Titles” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading