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The word of the day is:

DEMONSTRATIVE.  Actually, just ‘demonstrative’.  People should never use all-caps for emphasis unless they are really angry and writing hard onto an actual piece of paper and then doing what I do which is to scribble in angry circles all over the all-cap after I’ve written it real big, then throwing it in the fire and giggling.

What it means, according to some dictionary anyway, is:

de·mon·stra·tive  (d-mnstr-tv)

1. Serving to manifest or prove.
2. Involving or characterized by demonstration.
3. Given to or marked by the open expression of emotion: an affectionate and demonstrative family.
4. Grammar Specifying or singling out the person or thing referred to: the demonstrative pronouns these and that

I’m vowing to be more demonstrative in the 3rd definition’s sense.  With (old, old) age, I have learned to internalize because if you choose not to, you’re seen as vulnerable or ‘nuts’ as I like to call you.  We’re here for about 80 years tops, this less physical generation, and it’s clear that we are nuts.  As long as we’re somewhat civil about it, let’s just get it all out and see what happens.

Also, because I’m so deep, I will takes steps to be demonstrative as defined first above.  Why not?  Can’t work for SCHOE Industries forever.  Anyone who guesses the definition of that acronym gets a store-bought Christmas cookie for their troubles.

Drink a smoothie!

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